We Are Asking For Donations For My Bipolar Mind

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We Are Asking For Donations To Keep My Bipolar Mind Running

Hi Everyone,

I hate to do this… but we are are asking for donations to help keep My Bipolar Mind up and running. Our goal to get to just $350 so that we can pay for the renewal and so that there is more time available for me to create actual helpful and useful content. Not for our personal blog portions, because I can do that part without cost, but for things like:

Up until now, I have been covering the cost of running this site and devoting my time to it out of pocket but, sadly, this year I am unable to do this myself.

We are asking for anything that you can spare. Even if it is just one dollar. We also created a fundraiser on Facebook for this purpose and the Link to that is My Bipolar Mind Facebook Donations.

I created this site for people who have mental health and addictions issues and for their loved ones who may not understand or know how to help. I want everyone who is dealing or who have dealt with these issues to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

You can also donate below.

Thank you so much for your continued support with My Bipolar Mind.

Much Love,


Donations For My Mipolar Mind

Please Help Keep My Bipolar Mind Up And Running. Anything Helps Right Now. Thank You!



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