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#BellLetsTalk – What if the elephant in the room could speak?


Dual Diagnosis— Bipolar & Recovery From Substance Abuse (Reblogged) 0

Dual Diagnosis— Bipolar & Recovery From Substance Abuse (Reblogged)

This is a wonderful post about dual diagnoses for the lovely Jodanneabella over at Confessions of a Bipolar Diva. It is very informative and insightful. Please check it out.

Reblogged | My Anxiety Story 10

Reblogged | My Anxiety Story

Hey Guys and Gals, I came across thing amazingly strong young woman’s blog. Her name is Breanna, and I wanted to share her Anxiety Story with you all. I hope you enjoy reading it...


Reblog: Losing Ulla

Today is World Mental Health Day 2018. Although this post is more for World Suicide Prevention Day (which recently passed), it is still part of mental health. This post comes from the author of Birth of a New Brain, Dyane Harwood. She is a new friend of mine and a “kindred spirit.” Even though this post is originally dated September 7, 2016, her loss is real. I am sure she holds a spot for her dear friend who battled depression like many of us, but unlike you and I, her friend lost her battle against depression.

Please continue reading, and let’s remember the people that we have loved and lost — not just today, but every day.

Online mental health workbooks 0

Online mental health workbooks

Useful Mental Health Tools

Book giveaway! – Happy Guide 0

Book giveaway! – Happy Guide

Want to win a free book regarding happiness? I do too, so I am reposting this on My Bipolar Mind for others to earn their chance of winning this same book from An Anonymous...

The Darkness In You 0

The Darkness In You

I am reblogging this because Amy has an inspirational message at the end of this post!