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Jazmine ❤️

My name is Jazmine and I recently became a blogger and freelance writer. I currently write for Babygaga. (Click here for my author profile)

When I’m not writing I help supervise a group home. I love what I do! I truly love to help people. I have four beautiful children. I love to go on vacations, especially the beach. I’m also an extreme couponer. I graduated from Pennsylvania School of Business and McCann School of Technology. I went to DeSales University for psychology and hope to be able to go back to finish my bachelor degree one day. All my years of college were focused on medical and psychology classes. I am not bipolar and I’ve never been diagnosed with any mental disorders, but I was raised by someone who is diagnosed with many mental disorders. As you all know, my best friend Samantha is bipolar, so I’ve been through it. In my line of work, which I have done for over ten years, I have cared for and supported people with many different diagnoses.

My best friend is Samantha, but we are more like sisters. We’ve known each other since we were kids and have been through so much together. I truly love her.

I hope this website goes good and we can share many inspirational stories with everyone. If you need to reach me please feel free to email me at contactmybipolarmind@gmail.com.



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