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About Gary

My name is Gary Sr. I am happily married, I have 4 daughters and a son. I love writing, fishing with my son, listening to relaxation music, especially new age music. I am an active Deacon at my church, I sing in the choir, and I am part of the praise team. Am I perfect? HECK NO!!! I have many flaws and find the need to be asking for forgiveness way too much, although, I have come a long way. I have been down a very long and very dark road.

I spent most of my life battling depression, which still rears it’s ugly head sometimes. as of Aug of 2017, I am 20 years sober. Before that, I couldn’t go a full day without getting high or drunk, mostly drunk. I started drinking very heavily at the age of 16. I was also a cutter from an early age right up to my 20’s. I was committed to the psych ward 6 times. After all of these years, I still have a scar on my wrist where I have received  5 stitches for cutting myself.  I was in 2 drug and alcohol rehabs. I had been to jail twice.

As I said, I have 4 daughters and one of them is as nuts as me, and she is also a writer and blogger, and just happens to be the owner of this site along with her best friend. My life is not what it used to be, I still carry many mental scars that I know will never go away completely. I still have a tendency to wander into the dark place that I call my mind, a place I should always avoid, but tend to go there anyway.

If there is one thing I gained in all my journeys, it’s the heart, and ability to be there for others who just need someone to talk to because I can say yes I have been there. I know what real loneliness is, and it is a very dark place where I spent the majority of my life. I have true compassion for anyone who is hurting.

My life today is all about my wife and my son, my job on the earth at this point is to raise him the best way I can, and of course to do the will of GOD. My hope is that if there is anyone reading this who is in pain, lost, heading down the wrong road and not knowing how to turn around that you might identify with some of my story, and believe me this is only a very small part of a much larger story, but I would be writing all day. If you are here and need someone to talk to please contact any of us on this site. My daughter can identify as much as I can.

My email is

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