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15 Times Dad’s Accidentally Killed The Baby

Sometimes unfortunate, unforeseen circumstances happen that can shatter our entire world and everything we know. They can leave us feeling like the walls are crashing down around us. Accidents happen every day, and they are something that we are, unfortunately, unable to predict or prevent them. If we were able to predict accidents, the people we love and cherish the most would never get hurt; we would never get. Parents would be able to protect their children even better than they already do. The childhood mortality rates would drop.

All parents really want to be able to do is protect their young from the dangers of the world. Shield them from all the bad things that could happen and go wrong. But what happens when the parent is the one that becomes the danger to the child that they were only trying to protect? Devastating accidents can happen to anyone, at any time.

Father’s sometimes feel the need to protect their children even more since they are men, and it’s in their natural instincts to be protectors. But sometimes fathers are unable to protect their children, and may even do more harm than good without meaning to. Young children and babies are so tiny and frail that they can get hurt so much easier than we realize. A horrible accident can cause a child to lose its life, and unfortunately, at times, the child’s father is the one to blame. Here are some devastating accidents where the dad accidentally killed their baby.

15. Baby Leon


There’s a reason our mothers always told us to pick up our toys. Little 6-month-old baby Leon was lying on his parent’s floor playing when the unthinkable happened. The baby’s young father, 20-year-old Sam Barwick, tripped over a toy when he was trying to call his girlfriend’s daughter for tea when he ended up falling right on top of his little boy, crushing him. Sam screamed for the baby’s mother, 19-year-old named Katie, and when she arrived, Sam was kneeling on the floor cradling his son in his arms.

They called 911 and rushed to their neighbor’s house for help because they knew their neighbor had just completed a CPR training course. When they got to the house, they started banging on the door while their little boy was turning blue. Once the neighbor was aware of the situation, she began doing CPR instantly while they waited for the ambulance to show up. The CPR had been helping because Leon’s skin was turning from blue to a gray color, and he had even made a sound like he was trying to draw in a breath.

Unfortunately, the baby suffered severe injuries. Leon had multiple skull fractures and irreversible brain damage. Two days after the accident, his life support machine was turned off, and baby Leon passed away.

14. Lydia Hawkings-Byass


In 1996, Nicholas Hawkings-Byass took his son, Alexander, and daughter, 4-year-old Lydia, out for a ride in a helicopter near their country home in Gloucestershire. When the family landed, and they got out of the helicopter, Lydia ran to her father and asked him to pick her up and put her on his shoulders,

What happened next should be a warning to all parents, that children are not meant to ride on top of their parent’s shoulders. And for a good reason too, because anything could happen. The child could fall and seriously injure themselves. However, Lydia did not fall. What happened to her was much worse than anyone could possibly ever imagine.

When Nicholas had his daughter in midair, he accidentally boosted her up to the wrong point, and she hit the rotating helicopter blades. Unfortunately, little Lydia lost her life too soon on that dreadful day. Her father lived with so much guilt, and after 18-years, he couldn’t take the guilt anymore, and he committed suicide.

13. Lacey Bell


Kids under a certain age are so tiny that sometimes they just go unnoticed. If an adult is in a vehicle, even if they check their mirrors, it doesn’t always mean that the person sitting in front of the steering wheel will be able to see a tiny child that may be slipping into one of the mirrors blind spots. Unfortunately, that is what happens to the father of little 3-year-old Lacey Bell, Richard. He said that when he left the house, his little girl was right there, he was visually able to see her inside the house. Somehow, she managed to get outside unnoticed.

This poor dad was pulling away from the curb when he felt his car jerk over a bump. Richard said that at first, he thought it was a toy that he ran over; nothing of concern. Then he thought that he had run over the cat. That’s when he saw her; Lacey was just lying there. He got out and picked up his daughter and rushed her to the hospital as fast as he could, but he was too late. Little Lacey was gone. That entire family had their world shattered in an instant. The family stated that Lacey was not the only one that died that day and that they all died with her.

12. Baby Cooper


When it’s hot outside, parents need to make sure that they are not forgetting special cargo inside of their vehicles. By special cargo, I am referring to their children. Everyone knows that you should not leave dogs in a hot car with the windows up because it could seriously harm or even kill them. Well, the same thing goes for children. I cannot fathom how a parent would forget their child in a vehicle, to begin with, let alone long enough to take their life.

That is exactly what his father did to his 22-month-old baby boy. He forgot him inside of a hot vehicle with the windows up in the heat. Something that would surely make an adult feel comfortable, so I could only imagine how a small, helpless child would feel. Ross Harris, the father of little Cooper, said that it was purely an accident. Ross’s wife, Leanna, said that she knows her husband did not intentionally harm their child and that she is not mad at him for what happened.

Investigators are having a hard time believing that Ross did not intentionally kill his child. When they searched the house and the files on their computers, a search had been performed using the computer about temperature’s that would kill a baby in the heat. Is it a sign that dad is guilty, or is it just coincidental timing?

11. Kelli Anderson


It seems to happen more and more that babies are getting hit by cars. Unfortunately, recently in the news a lot of time it happens to be either the child’s mother or father that tragically, and accidentally run their own kids over. Toddlers and small children can be very hard to see at times. This is especially true if the child’s parents are driving a bigger vehicle such as an SUV since they are higher up.

Sadly, 17-month-old Kelli Anderson of Euless was tragically hit and run over by her own father. It was a mistake, a pure accident. The father probably felt horrible and beyond frightened for his daughter’s well-being. Kelli’s father called the police and rushed her to the hospital while the child’s mother was performing CPR on her as a final attempt to save her young life.

This all took place on Tuesday, August 8, 2017, around 8 pm. By the time Kelli’s father got her to the hospital, it only took an hour for the child to slip away. Shortly after 9 pm that same day, the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office pronounced this sweet little girl dead. This parents worst nightmare came true despite their attempts to try to save their daughter’s life.

10. William Berry


In May of 2013, a father by the name of Christopher Berry who also happens to be a United States Army Veteran from Lowell, became very frustrated with his infant son, William, when he would not stop crying. Christopher suffers from PTSD from being in active duty in the military, but that is still not an excuse for the deadly mistake that he makes. He shook his infant son so hard that he accidentally killed his 2-month-old son for crying. William was a baby; crying is what babies do. Parents need to understand that. If they are getting frustrated with their child, they need talk away.

An innocent child is gone because of his father’s anger. This baby never got the chance to live or experience life in any way, and now he never will. Christopher was arrested and eventually charged with involuntary manslaughter, and he got 12-16 years in a state prison. Christopher knows exactly what he did wrong, and in court, he even stated that he was there because he accidentally killed his son. With regards to the case, someone had said that this was a case of somebody that was simply overwhelmed by the situation.

9. Baby Girl Hochfteter


No matter how hard a parent tries to prevent bad things from happening to their children, things are sometimes out of our hands, and out of our control. A parent is not able to predict the future and foresee the dangers that they need to watch out for. If it were that simple, more children would be able to live to see an older age.

Steven Hochfteter from Spanish Lookout was the father of a sweet little, 18-month-old, daughter that I am sure he cherished more than life itself. An unforeseen circumstance sent this dad’s world crashing down around him. He was reversing his pickup truck out of his backyard, and even though he most likely checked, and double checked, he thought he was okay to start backing up. He accidentally hit and ran over his little girl. He was unable to see his little girl because she was directly behind his truck. The baby girl died while on her way to Western Regional Hospital. Accidents do happen, and unfortunately, at times, they are life-shattering.

8. Fresno Baby Girl


In February of 2017 in Fresno, California, an unnamed father frantically called 911 when he woke up in the morning because his 4-month-old baby girl was not breathing. The reason the baby girl was not breathing: she was sleeping in her parents bed the night before, and police believe that sometime during the middle of the night, her father may have rolled over on top of her, which either suffocated her or crushed her.

The next morning after her father found her and realized she wasn’t breathing, and after he called 911, the father began CPR on his daughter in an attempt to save her life. When the police arrived, they took over the CPR until the EMS arrived. When the EMS got to the scene, they rushed the baby girl to Regional Medical Center, where shortly after her arrival she was pronounced dead.

It is never safe, or okay to let a baby sleep in bed with their parents. This is a horrible, tragic accident that could have been fully avoided had the father just put his daughter in her crib or bassinette. Parents, please learn from the tragic stories one reads to gain knowledge and prevent these same things from happening to other children.

7. Joshua Ryles


Christopher Ryles, a 36-year-old father of Baker, Florida, had been driving on his farm property in his pickup truck, and behind him, he was towing a trailer. Christopher had let his 3-year-old little boy, Joshua, sit in the bed of the pickup truck while he was drinking around on the property. At some point, warning signals should have been going off in this father’s head with the gut feeling that something wasn’t right about this. What happened next is up for debate because there are two versions.

Version one: young Joshua jumped out of the truck bed. Version two: young Joshua fell out of the truck bed. Either way, the child fell was no longer in the bed of the truck, and when this poor sweet boy landed, he did not have a chance because he had been run over by the trailer that his father was towing with the truck. Christopher called 911, and when help arrived it was already too late, and nothing could be done to save the boy. He was pronounced dead shortly after 11 am.

6. The Guangdong Boy


A young oriental boy was pronounced dead after his father fell on him at a supermarket after sharing a lovely playful moment together. The entire gruesome incident was caught on surveillance camera video footage.

The father had his back turned to his son, and he was walking ahead of his son, but only by a step or two. The father’s hands were held behind his back, and he was holding his son’s hands. The father tragically lost his balance and fell backward, and right on top of the young boy; basically, crushing him to death. When the father fell on him, his entire body weight had been put on the child’s upper body, including his head and his neck.

According to Guangdong Television, the young boy has been taken to a nearby hospital, where he was pronounced dead, according to the South China Morning Post. This was a dreadful accident that no one would have been able to predict.

5. Trinitie Burns


In Henrico County, Virginia, in January of 2016, a 22-year-old father had been watching his 7-week-old daughter named Trinitie. The father, Diquan Burns, took his daughter out of her play swing when he accidentally hit the back and right side of her head off of the swing itself, but thought nothing of it at the time.

The next day, Trinitie’s mother came to pick her up when the mom saw a big knot on the right side of her baby’s head. She tried to wake her sleeping daughter up, but Trinitie just would not wake up. Both parents rushed their baby girl to the hospital. As it turned out, that swing must have been pretty hard because this poor little girl had a skull fracture, and two brain bleeds. Sadly, Trinitie passed away just four short days later.

Diquan had been arrested and charged with involuntary manslaughter and child neglect for his daughter’s accidental death. Diquan ended up being found innocent, and all charges were dropped, and he became a free man again.

4. Luciano Cruz


A father from Detroit had accidentally backed over his 6-year-old son in September of 2016, outside of their family home, where the late Luciano would love to ride his bike. According to Luciano’s father, his son had been sitting in the backseat of his 4-door Saturn Vue, when Luciano disappeared from the back seat without his father even realizing it. His dad said that he has no idea how he even got out of the backseat. (Which leads me to believe that maybe normally the dad had the child safety locks on the door usually, except for this fateful day.)

Luciano’s dad said they he was reversing, and he did not realize that his little boy was even outside, let alone standing behind the very vehicle that he was attempting to back up; by then it was already too late for little Luciano. The Detroit Police Department fully believe that this was an accident, and will not be filing charges against the distraught father.

Moms and Dads, make sure that the child safety locks are always on the door when one puts their child in the back seat. If the father would have checked, maybe this sweet little boy would still be alive. It really is not dad’s fault though, and a lot of people think things like this can’t happen to them until it’s too late.

3. Makayla Doyle


Edward James Doyle, a 30-year-old father from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, fell on top of his 2-month-old baby girl, Makayla, after drinking heavily. Edwards had been out drinking with a neighbor on February 23, 2013. His neighbor has confessed to police that Edwards was highly intoxicated after he left the American Legion in Willow Grove, Pennsylvania.

At one point when Edward got home after a night of binge drinking, Makayla had begun to cry, so he took her out of her play swing, and he rocked her in his arms. He said that he walked towards the kitchen, and hit his leg on the swing which caused him to trip and fall forward and land on top of little Makayla’s frail, tiny body. He fell to the floor with crushing weight on top of his daughter.

Edward said he gave Makayla a pacifier at 7:15 pm, and he claims that he really thought she took it but that he was groggy at the time. He called 911 when he woke up two hours later and found his daughter’s lifeless body had gone limp, and that she was as white as a ghost. A story like this should be more than enough reason to keep parents away from drinking around their little ones. At least until they reach a certain age.

2. Baby Girl Heap


A former, 37-year-old, NFL player from Mesa, Arizona was involved in a tragic accident involving his youngest child out of five kids that he shares with his wife, Ashley Heap. Heap’s daughter’s name is unknown, and the family wanted to keep her name under wraps for the time being. Heap accidentally hit his 3-year-old daughter with a truck that he was driving, which sadly took the life of his daughter.

Heap was sitting in the truck and did not see his daughter in front of the vehicle when he pulled the truck forward in their driveway, and he accidentally struck down his daughter.

Police arrived at the residence around 3:45 pm on the day of the accident in April of 2017, and his daughter was taken to the hospital as she was pronounced dead. Heap showed no signs of being physically impaired.

1. Reyhana Qailah


Baby Reyhana’s life had gotten cut short, all because of her father, 27-year-old Mohamad Sazali, was too worried about his cell phone game addiction to pay attention to the fact that he was slowly choking his 3-month-old baby girl to death with her own bottle. When a parent is feeding a young child, especially a newborn or an infant, they need to pay attention to what they are doing. Situations like with what happened to baby Reyhana, are 100% avoidable and preventable.

While Mohamed was suffocating his daughter, his father-in-law walks in and sees this lifeless little girl lying there pale and motionless. That’s finally when Mohamed starts to pick up on what he had done. Little Reyhana had been thrashing about for two full minutes beforehand. The father-in-law began CPR, and while Reyhana did vomit up some milk, the efforts to resuscitate her were futile. She was pronounced dead less than two hours later.

Its amazing how some parents can put something with little to no value in front in front of their own child. All this dad had to do was put his cell phone down for 20 minutes to feed his daughter, had he done that, then this sweet innocent baby would still be alive.


*Note: This article was originally on However, it was pulled off after a day due to it being labeled as “inappropriate”.

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