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Marie F’s Story: How Bipolar Disorder Changed Their Lives

Marie F. shared her story with us earlier today so that I could share it with you. She may not be bipolar herself, but she knows all too well how he feels to love people who are. And this is what this loving mom had to say. I am also including her website, so check out her site as well! – 



Comment: Thank you for your collaborative blog site. While I am not bipolar, my kid’s dad was (he passed away 25 years ago) although it wasn’t diagnosed as such in the 1980’s and 1990’s. He was unmedicated and definitely rapid cycling and had rage issues.

Unfortunately, he set both of our kids (now in their 40’s) well up with PTSD from his mental illness and both have been subsequently diagnosed with bipolar disorder and anxiety disorders.

My daughter (46) used both drugs and alcohol in high school as an escape, then 6 months before her father died got herself into AA and has been clean and sober since. She still deals with PTSD, anxiety and BP, but deals well with them.

My son (42) lived in New York for 13 years – was an over achiever from the time he graduated from high school – self supporting, put himself through college, moved to NYC and married his sweetheart. Then 9/11 happened and he ended up with survivor PTSD – which I am now thoroughly convinced triggered his BP (rapid cycling and dual diagnosis), and anxiety disorders 5 years ago. He is now divorced, indigent except for the roof over his head (mine) and just now finally into a methadone program.

Bipolar disorder and addiction disorders have changed our lives beyond what we would ever have imagined. Beyond the individuals dealing with the disorders are the collateral damaged – the families.

Don’t we ALL do the best we can at any given moment? Bless you all for being vulnerable and willing to share so that others know they are not alone.

March 23, 2018 at 5:26 PM

Thank you for sharing your story, Marie. We really appreciate it. To our readers: Know that you are never alone!


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