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Whisper Confessions: 16 Bad Teachers

Whisper Confessions: 16 Bad Teachers

By: Samantha Ann

Have you ever wondered what a teacher really thought of you, or thinks of your child? Have you ever wondered what a teacher’s inner thoughts were or if they actually believe in that saying, “There is no such thing as a stupid question.” Teachers are regular people like you or I. They are bound to have their favorite students or their least favorite students, but how far are they really willing to take that love or hate relationship with their students. Maybe you have also ever wondered what a teacher really does when their students are outside for recess.

Lucky for you, Whisper lets people make anonymous confessions without having to worry about anyone finding out their true identity. For some of these confessions these teachers have made; being anonymous is a good thing! Sometimes teachers push the limits of what’s wrong and what’s right. Sex, scandal, and lies are all keywords that come into play perfectly for some of these teachers. That movie, Bad Teacher, with Cameron Diaz, is actually a good representation into the minds of certain academic professionals that parents let teach their children. Here are some Whisper confessions from some bad teachers that you will most likely hope your children will never have.

16. Hungover


Why not just pop in a semi-educational DVD, turn the lights off, and have a movie day for your students after a solid night of partying hard? You know, when that dreaded next day inevitable headache from a horrible hangover starts to kick your butt? It’s understandable that millennials are now the teachers. So, some partying is to be expected; preferably on weekends, however. Like, Friday and Saturday nights or afternoons, whenever they feel like getting the party started.

This Whisper user said that as a teacher for the past 15 years, that he or she makes the kids watch a movie when they are hungover. I guess the question here is; how often are they hungover? I know the kids probably love when their teacher is hungover, whether they suspect that is the reason for a movie day or not, but at some point, kids do need to receive an education. However, I do have to say that our teachers in the U.S. are overworked and underpaid.

15. The Teacher Buys What?


So, I am guessing that this is a high school teacher somewhere. This Whisper user said that they are a teacher and that they buy drugs from their former students. I wonder how this topic even came up with these former students. Obviously, they were students at one point, but did this teacher make the first move and ask the students, who they suspected were stoners, where to get the goods from? Or did the students proposition their teacher?

I think that is an excellent question to ask. I can’t even imagine how this conversation was even initiated unless the teacher busted these former students for doing things in school that they probably should have saved for at home. If it is former high school students this teacher gets from; I guess it’s safe to say he’s contributing, financially, to their college education.

14. Tips


Not every teacher thinks it’s all about knowing the right answer to whatever question is being asked. Some teachers believe more in ways to get around finding those answers to the questions that you don’t already know the answer to. This Whisper user said that they give kids tips on how to cheat on tests. They also go on to say that they are a teacher; a teacher who teaches kids to cheat on tests.

Where was this teacher when I was in school? I think I remember in middle school, sometimes, they actually did give us tips on how to pass the standardized tests they would give all the students when you are unsure of the answer. They did say they prefer that you knew the answer, so I guess it’s not the same thing.

13. A Teacher In Berlin


I guess they say every teacher has their favorite and least favorite student. Some teachers give better grades to their favorite student, more privileges or become laxer, while other teachers apparently smoke weed with their favorite student. This Whisper user said that they are a teacher in Berlin, so not in the States, and that on their school break they smoke weed with their favorite student.

Maybe in Berlin that is more acceptable, but definitely not where I am from in the United States. That would most definitely cost a teacher their job here if anyone were ever to find out. I guess back when I was in high school, if that is what grade range their favorite student is in, I would have loved to have a teacher like that back then.

12. I Throw It Out


Some teachers, I guess, take favoritism to a whole new level with this one. This Whisper user confessed that they are a teacher and that whenever a student they hate turns in their paper, she throws them out. She said that she’d blame it on in the student for ‘not handing it in’ and even confessed that she has five students who are failing her class.

Wow, I think this teacher wins the award for the worst teacher of the year. If you don’t like a student, you shouldn’t just completely dismiss an entire paper that they probably worked hard to have completed. That is just wrong on so many levels. I wonder if anyone ever takes notice to how many people fail this teacher’s class and compared their grades from other teachers to see if there were drastic changes. That may be too much work for a school district to do though; at least if you live in my area!

11. Drunk At 9 AM


This probably is not the best way to start off your teaching career; drunk. She is most likely a millennial, like me. This Whisper user said that they got drunk at nine in the morning because they were nervous before their first-day teaching. I cannot lie, this sounds like something I would have done entirely in my younger days.

I wonder if anyone else noticed that this teacher had more than the first-day jitters, or if her level of intoxication was masked by those said jitters. She could have been highly drunk and slur her words, and they may have just thought that she was extremely nervous. My question to her would be; how are you doing to make it through day two without getting drunk before work? Show up drunk on day one, then day two becomes the new day one, and it’s almost like starting from the beginning again. Just a theory.

10. Confiscated


What a way to put confiscated items to such good use. This Whisper user said that they are a teacher who confiscated a lighter from one of their students. Then they said that now, they use that same lighter to light their spliffs. For those of you that don’t know what a spliff is; it’s a joint. A marijuana cigarette of sorts if you decide to Google the definition instead.

I wonder if the teacher is putting the lighter to familiar use or if this is all new ground for said lighter? Maybe this teacher was just in a bad mood because they lost their lighter, then when they saw a teenager with one they thought, “This is perfect!” Maybe? I cannot exactly remember if lighters were on the banned list when I was in high school. (Saying that just made me feel that much older!)

9. Useless Information


Usually, students are the ones that think they will never, ever use the stuff that they are taught in school. Usually, teachers are the one ones that are always talking about the importance of knowledge, and about how learning is the best. In this case, I believe the roles may have gotten reversed even though we don’t know how one of their students would react to this statement.

This Whisper user said that they are a teacher, and most of the stuff they teach is useless. I have waited so long to see or hear a teacher confess that very sentence. I am truly amazed that day has come, finally, when a teacher admits to the fact that there is absolutely no reason to pay attention in class. This teacher deserves an award for keeping it real!

8. If There Were No Consequences


I think this teacher is awfully full of himself. I am assuming it is a male based off of his Whisper. He said that he is a teacher and he really thinks that several of his students would do him if there were no consequences for either of them. That is definitely someone who thinks they are the best and truly blessed in the looks department along in some other unspeakable areas.

Most women don’t come across as, “…my students would **** me…”  And I said most women because there are the few that really do think like a man, and act like a man in every aspect. I guess on the bright side; it’s not like he said he’s actually doing anything with any of his students.

7. Under My Desk


I guess there is technically nothing wrong with this. I mean, students sleep in class all the time. They always have their heads down with drool dangling out of their mouths, or was that just me? This Whisper user said that they sometimes take a nap under their desk during their free period. They also state the fact that they are, indeed, a teacher.

At least this teacher is waiting until it is their free period to take their nap under their desk and not while class is actually in session. So, for that, it’s a plus! I wonder if anyone ever found her sleeping under her desk. I am pretty sure this is a woman because this seems like something a woman might do when they are tired and just want to be left alone.

6. Recess


This Whisper user is quite disturbing actually. They confessed that they are, in fact, a teacher but that when his students go outside for recess, he watches porn. The fact that he says that students still have recess point to this being an elementary school teacher. I don’t know many middle school’s or high schools that have a recess for their students.

Does he do anything else besides watch it? What if one of his students comes in from outside unexpectedly? Is he in the teacher’s lounge, his classroom, or the bathroom while he is watching this? So many questions, so little answers. This is probably one of those teachers that you secretly hope gets fired. That’s a time and place for all that, and around young students is not one of them, even if they aren’t physically in the room at the time; they are just right outside those windows. Also, isn’t he worried about getting a boner and then having to deal with a student, because what if it takes a little too long to go down?

5. Favorites


This Whisper is more expected than anything. I think everyone already knows this to be true, as well. This Whisper user confessed that they are a teacher and that they are not supposed to have favorite students, but they do. It’s not really some big secret. I mean, I guess in the teaching community you cannot admit to favoritism, but it happens.

Everyone has a favorite something or other. Whether it’s a child, person, food, possession; there is something for everyone. Why would teachers be any different from the rest of the population? And just like everyone has favorites, everyone has least favorites as well.

4. During The Day


I know I mentioned earlier that teachers in the U.S. were overworked and underpaid; well, this is just proving that point. One Whisper user said that during the day she is a teacher, but by night time she’s a stripper because being a teacher, something you pay lots of money to be, doesn’t pay the bills.

This teacher definitely has the black and white, day and night thing going on. Her daytime job is the complete opposite of her night time job. The one sad thing here is that they make you pay so much money to become a teacher but pay you so little when you finally land a job in your chosen field.

3. In My Classroom


This one is almost as bad as the teacher who watches porn when his students go out to recess. This Whisper user said that they are a teacher and that they had sex with another teacher inside their classroom. Were these students also out at recess? It must have been fast and easy and minimally satisfying for the woman because you would think that they are just trying to get it done. Meaning that the main goal is to get the man off for the grand finale which concluded their steamy session.

Seriously, what goes through these teachers minds when they decide to do something like this? I hope that at least it has a locking door. Otherwise, I would worry about someone else walking in on this session. It would be even worse if a student happened to wander in.

2. Not So Innocent Crush


Having a crush on one of your students, if they are older like a senior or something, may not be too bad as long as the crush does not turn into anything else. Especially anything verbal or physical toward the child. Yes, I said child because usually when they are of school age, they are still a minor. What would make this even worse, however, would be if she/he was an elementary or middle school. Then, it would just be downright wrong!

This Whisper user confessed that they are a teacher and that they have a crush on one of their students. Not sure if this is a male or female but, either way, it has the potential to turn sour if anything comes from this crush. We’ve all seen or heard of the stories of teachers getting involved with their students, and the female gets pregnant, and then that teacher’s life is ruined regardless if they are a he or she.

1. I Hate Their Parents


This Whisper most likely comes from an elementary school or kindergarten teacher. They confessed that they are a teacher and that they hate their job. They said that they love their students, but hate their parents. That is understandable. Either the parent is not involved enough, or they are overly involved in their child’s education. Sometimes for teachers, it may seem like they cannot win.

From what I understand, the younger the child is, the more of an issue the parents can be. Where is the middle ground in all of this? I am sure some parents are within the middle ground range but get a handful or more of parents who are on either end, and it may feel like that’s all you’re dealing with.



¤Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Feel free to comment about any thoughts good or bad!¤ 


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