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HempWorx CBD Sampler Pack: My Thoughts

HempWorx CBD Sampler Pack: My Thoughts

Not too long ago my friend was selling a few $15 HempWorx CBD Sampler Packs. I thought it was a better time than ever to give a try since I have been hearing such amazing things about HempWorx. My one friend stated that this CBD brand changed her life for the better. So, of course, I wanted in on this. Plus, even for samples $15 was not a bad deal. I went ahead and ordered one sampler kit.

It came with two 3.6 ml bottles of HempWorx 500 mg Peppermint Flavored CBD oil, one 1 ml CBD pain relieving topical cream packet, one 1ml packet of Renew – a hemp-infused rejuvenating cream, and one 1 ml packet of Revive – a collagen retinol with hemp-derived CBD. To be honest, I am savoring the packets since it doesn’t come with much in them, but I have been giving the CBD oil a try. I usually stick to one brand of CBD oil which is Koi Naturals 500 mg in Spearmint flavor, so this was a big change for me. Once I find something that works, I tend to stick with it!

Koi Full Size Vs. HempWorx Sample

I must admit, however, I am pretty impressed with the HempWorx CBD oil sample I received. I have only been using it about a week and a half, maybe a day or two longer, and I have noticed a big change in my anxiety. While it is obviously still right where I left, my anxiety has been much more tolerable this past week. That was the first major improvement that I noticed.

With the Koi Naturals brand, I would take a full dropped under my tongue. With the HempWorx, I only needed to start at just a mere 5 drops, twice a day. I completely finished one bottle of the CBD oil sample, and I am on the second 3.6 ml bottle now. The peppermint taste is refreshing as well! The second major change that I noticed was that my daily headaches have been kept at bay for the past week as well as the fact that it made my period a lot more tolerable this month. For just a week trial, these are some pretty impressive result.

I would love to try HempWorx for a full month in order to see if I notice a positive change in anything else. 

I am by no means receiving any sort of compensation for adding my thoughts on the product. These are the results that I personally achieved in the matter of a few days. I can happily say that I recommend HempWorx to anyone who is using any kind of CBD products or to anyone who would like to give it a try. 

You can CLICK HERE to go to the HempWorx website for pricing and more information.  

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Samantha is the author of "My Bipolar Mind: You're not alone," she is also a freelance writer, blogger, and mental health advocate who runs and manages her own mental health blog

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  1. I have Select CBD drops on their way to me. My vape pen just doesn’t work for me. I can’t inhale the right way!!!! I’ll let you know how the drops work. I’m so happy you noticed a positive change in your anxiety with this Hempworx product!!!

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    • Let me know how it works! I gave up on my vape pen too! I found that the drops under the tongue work better… And thank you so much! Unfortunately, I am about to run out of it and then it’s back to the koi until that’s gone. Xoxoxo


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