The Darkness In You

I am reblogging this because Amy has an inspirational message at the end of this post! ♥


Amy Belle

It’s 5am and I’ve awoken from a horrible nightmare. Have you ever seen the horror film The Babadook? I dreamed about. I recommend you don’t watch it- it’s scary and will keep awake all night. However, I enjoyed it because it has a beautiful story. A family is tormented by a monster called “The Babadook” that tries to turn them on each other but they overcome the monster by standing up to it. The monster realises it has no strength left as people not longer fear it and it gets scared. In my nightmare I was very scared of my Babadook, but when I saw it made my partner frightened I found the strength to stand up to it and my Babadook coward.

This dream has me reflecting on what my Babadook represents, and that even through I’m frightened, I still somehow find the strength to confront the darkness. My…

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