A Poem | Forgetting The Present

Poetry-forgetting-the-present-unsplashPhoto by Nathaniel Flowers on Unsplash

Forgetting The Present

A Poem | Samantha Steiner

Remembering the past

But forgetting the present

I would love to reflect and reminisce on today

But today seems so far away

Yesterday’s memories have already begun to fade

But I can tell you what I did

Well before my siblings were given the chance to live

Back when I was five in the early 90s

But as for today

It’s all a faded blur

Did I sleep?

Did I eat?

I really don’t know

I know I’ve been productive

But what did I accomplish?

One article handed in

But I’ll be damned if I could remember

What I even wrote

Even though I reread my own words out loud

It’s still a lost cause

And all the information is lost

Maybe we only get so many memories

And I’ve reached my max

Because of every single thing I’m remembering from the past

It has replaced something from today

But how can you re-forget

What’s been unleashed

After being hidden so deep

I just want to remember today

And not way back when the ground first started to fall away



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