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I am always looking for people to share their own personal stories, struggles, adventures, and journeys. This way others that are going a through tough times right now can have more information and inspiration other than just what I am going/went through.

I may not have hundreds, and thousands of people come across my blog, but I have already had people reach out to me and say that I have helped them in one way or another. That’s all I ever really want to do was help people, even if it was only one person.

Anyone who is interested in sharing their story, please email me or even just leave a comment below. Anything works. You’re also more than welcome to remain anonymous or go by a pen/random name. You can even send me poetry, quotes, coping techniques, tips & tricks, etc… 

A guest blogger is also welcome as well. Although, I would not be able to pay anyone.

Thanks, Samantha



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