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Self-Injury Awareness Day 2019

These days, it seems as if most people from their preteens on up have heard of self-harm or may even know someone who purposely hurts their self. Self-injury can now be found on TV, in movies, books, and all over the web. There is much more information about this aspect of mental health than there was 20 years ago; when I first started using self-injury as a coping mechanism. That’s right, I am one of the 1 in 5 females who self-harm. For males, 1 out of every 7 has turned to this as well. In the US, there is an estimate of two million people who reportedly self-harm every year. (Continue Reading)

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Early Morning Thoughts: March 2, 2019

Early Morning Thoughts: March 2, 2019 I am writing this from the comfort of my bed via my smartphone. So,…

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[Trigger Warning] Where Is The Real Me?

What I am about to discuss may be a trigger for some people who have dealt with sexual assault or self-harm. Please read with caution. If anything upsets you, please stop reading.

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Why Keeping Two Journals May Be A Good Idea

A majority of us only keep one journal and fill it with both negatives and positives. Not many of us even consider keeping more than one journal to write in. However, there may be some positive benefits in keeping two separate journals. One to document your lows, and one to write out when you are at baseline and feeling well.

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| Lost In Thought |

Journaling helps but sort through a lot in my head. But when that’s not enough, I sometimes tend to turn to blogging. Creating a post for my personal blog section sometimes helps get things out in a similar way of journaling but, to me, it sometimes feels like it does so much more. So here is what’s been bogging me down internally:

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*Trigger Warning* A Poem | Self-Harm

*Trigger Warning* | These feelings bubble to the surface again | And I can’t help but to feel | Like my razor is my only friend…

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Self-Injury: What You Should Know

Are you aware?

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Late Night Thoughts: June 14th, 2018

I am back on the bipolar rollercoaster.

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30 Coping Techniques For Anxiety And Beyond

30 different coping techniques, methods, and tricks that you can try!

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Is It Still Self Harm If I Didn’t Want To Harm Myself?

Amy is a very inspirational young woman, and I want you to read her story. I am so proud of this girl, she has come so far. She teaches us to never be mad at ourselves! ♥♥

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We’re Always Here To Help

At My Bipolar Mind We’re Always Here To Help!

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Self-Injury Awareness Day 2018

Self-Injury Awareness Day Was 3/1/18.

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Self-Injury: Gary’s Story

What could possibly cause a person to pick up a knife, or a razor blade and purposely cut themselves? Different people have different reasons for doing this.

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Christmas, Best Friends, And Coping Mechanisms

I recently just posted the first poem I have written in almost a year and have to say, it actually felt good to get back into poetry and release some emotion in a healthy way.