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Coronavirus Insanity: Tips Part 2

Hello My Bipolar Mind Readers! My name is Amy, and I’m an alcoholic with bipolar 2! Samantha has asked me a couple times in the past to write for the … Continue Reading Coronavirus Insanity: Tips Part 2

Loving Yourself Regardless of Your Relationship Status

Welcome back to the 2019 Selfie Love Challenge hosted by myself here at My Bipolar Mind and the lovely Kelly over at Budding Joy. Be sure to check out Kelly’s blog and follow her to stay up to date on the #SelfieLove2019 Challenge. Also, if you are not a follower of My Bipolar Mind, please be sure to follow us as well! Today is Saturday, February 23, 2019. It is never too late to jump into this self-love/self-care challenge. If you haven’t been following along or just came across this challenge now,