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Too Good To Be True

Too Good To Be True Chtistmas was really good for the first time in a while. I enjoyed the whole…

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Feeling Amazing

Once again I have fallen behind on posting, but Samantha always gives me friendly reminders. I was so tired, but…

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I’m Back

It’s been a while since my last post, a long while. As some of you may know, my kids father…

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| Lost In Thought |

Journaling helps but sort through a lot in my head. But when that’s not enough, I sometimes tend to turn to blogging. Creating a post for my personal blog section sometimes helps get things out in a similar way of journaling but, to me, it sometimes feels like it does so much more. So here is what’s been bogging me down internally:

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*Trigger Warning* A Poem | Self-Harm

*Trigger Warning* | These feelings bubble to the surface again | And I can’t help but to feel | Like my razor is my only friend…

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A Poem | Her Pain

Her depression is swallowing her whole

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Mothers Day Blues

Mother’s day is a wonderful day for many people around the world who are celebrating their mother’s. Mother’s day isn’t like that for me… Read More

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Early Morning Emotions

Is this ever going to get an easier for me? Will I ever stop longing for, and missing the people that hate me the most right now?

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Bittersweet Tragedy

This is a bittersweet tragedy. I gained back what I wanted, which was my life back, but I ended up losing something in the process. One step forward, two steps back.