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How to stop Procrastinating


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Where did our meds go?

This post comes from Mental Health @ Home ( and it has some very informative information about the nations mental…

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Reblogged | My Anxiety Story

Hey Guys and Gals, I came across thing amazingly strong young woman’s blog. Her name is Breanna, and I wanted…

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Book Review: My Age of Anxiety

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Is It Still Self Harm If I Didn’t Want To Harm Myself?

Amy is a very inspirational young woman, and I want you to read her story. I am so proud of this girl, she has come so far. She teaches us to never be mad at ourselves! ♥♥

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The Darkness In You

I am reblogging this because Amy has an inspirational message at the end of this post! 

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Overcoming Addictions: A Holistic Approach to Self-Care

From When Women Inspire

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The Mask (A Reblogged Poem)

The Mask: A Reblogged Poem From the site –

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*REBLOGGED* Beating Depression Without Medication: 3 Holistic Methods You Could Try

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*REBLOGGED* Don’t Let Insomnia into Your Life

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*REBLOGGED* Alcoholism Is A Selfish Member Of A Family

I am reblogging this from a site I found from Barb Knowles. This is a very well-written piece, and I…

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*Fwd From Another Blog*

We learn something new every day, they say, and learning to accomplish a mammoth task like overcoming addiction means you…