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The Best Way To Gain Happiness: Nicole C’s Perspective

In my bipolar roller coast of a mind, I find it hard to hold on to happiness that lingers. So I sat down did the work and came up with 10 things I can do that I have proven to make my life happier. By keeping a positive attitude as much as I can, it helps to create happy memories to get me through some very dark sad days. I can look back over my life remembering good and bad. Here are 10 steps I take to remind myself and continue to build on my own personal happiness:

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Feeling The Rush…

Yesterday was an excellent day for me. I was and still am in a very good mood. Yet, part of me is worried that this feeling is going to crash at any minute and my depression will return. But I am trying to not think like that because I want to really enjoy this happy feeling. It is also slightly euphoric. I am not sure if it is getting ready to turn into a manic episode. Who knows, maybe it is already one! (Continue Reading…)

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Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving

Happy (Belated) Thanksgiving I would like to wish everyone a very Happy (belated) Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a…

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Feeling Amazing

Once again I have fallen behind on posting, but Samantha always gives me friendly reminders. I was so tired, but…

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I Woke Up Like This… Happy

It’s not often that I find myself waking up with energy while in a great mood. So, I figured I would switch it up and make a post while my depression is suppressed for this moment in time. I want to savor this moment and place it safely in my memory – hopefully in a place where I will remember it 😀 – so that when I am feeling down I can pull this memory out and know that sometimes things are okay. 

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8 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Love Yourself

There are so many reasons why we should love ourselves. You are the only you that you have, and more often than not, the only person you can really rely on 100 percent is yourself.

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7 Tips On Improving Self-Esteem

Remember: you are beautiful, worthy, and deserve to be happy!

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Fantastic Friday: It’s Been A Productive Week

I have had a fantastic week.

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One Day At A Time

You have to be able to accept the things you cannot change and look inside yourself for the courage to change the things you can.