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Sea Isle City Vacation 2021

I left for vacation to Sea Isle City, New Jersey on Saturday, June 12, 2021 and returned back home this afternoon. I went with my boyfriend and his parents. They go down every year and meet up with extended family (minus last year, 2020, because of the pandemic) but this was my first year back there in like three years.

Guest Post by Rissa: Struggling With The Loss of My Nana

Let’s welcome Rissa to My Bipolar Mind as she talks about her struggles with the loss of her Nana who passed away in 2017. Here is Rissa’s Story:

So, I have been tossing the idea around with one of my best friends about writing down how the last 3 years of my life has been seeing that 3 years ago today we laid my nana (Marie) to rest. She was my everything, my support, my world. She had a long battle with colon cancer and she had a lot of other health issues which I wont get into as I don’t remember them all.

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