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Online mental health workbooks

Useful Mental Health Tools

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27 Ways To Help Reduce Stress

A majority of us face stress every single day of our lives. Learn ways to feel better.

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We Are Asking For Donations For My Bipolar Mind

We Are Asking For Donations To Help My Bipolar Mind.

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My Bipolar Mind Facebook Page & Group

Feel free to join our group and like our page!

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Poll: What Would You Some Of Our Upcoming Posts To Be About?

Please Help Us By Taking This Poll!

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Mental Health Awareness Month: Spotlight on 3 Bloggers

| Mental Health Awareness Month: Spotlight on 3 Bloggers |

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All Women Are Beautiful

Why is it that us women spend so much time breaking each other down when we should be building each other up.

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30 Coping Techniques For Anxiety And Beyond

30 different coping techniques, methods, and tricks that you can try!

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Filled With So Much Frustration

Ever since Monday night…

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7 Lies Patients Need To Stop Telling Their Mental Health Team

Honesty is essential, especially when we are communicating with our psychiatrist or therapist. 

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Creating A Blog To Help Manage Emotions

You may be wondering how creating a blog and managing emotions has anything to do with each other.

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We’re Always Here To Help

At My Bipolar Mind We’re Always Here To Help!

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One Day At A Time

You have to be able to accept the things you cannot change and look inside yourself for the courage to change the things you can.

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The Benefits Of Group Therapy

For people who have never attended group therapy, it can sometimes sound a bit scary. But there any many benefits!

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Better Days To Come

We are so much more capable and stronger than we realize, especially at a time of feeling so weak.

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What Is Body Dysmorphia?

Body Dysmorphia is a type of mental illness involving an obsessive focus on perceived flaws in appearance. In other words, it means a person will focus on something that may be negative regarding how they look, even if others aren’t actually able to see it.

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Journaling To Manage Emotions

Sometimes trying to manage your emotions can seem almost impossible.

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The Masks We Wear

We all wear masks at times, but some of us more than others. Just how many masks can a person wear? I suppose that all depends on the severity of one’s mental status. How do we know when the final mask has come off? Is there really any normality for us? In other words, can we distinguish what’s real and what isn’t?

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Upcoming Changes for My Bipolar Mind

As you have probably noticed, we have switched the site back to My Bipolar Mind. We will also be using Clever Thoughts so we can have the best of both worlds. My Bipolar Mind will focus on mental health issues, addictions, and feelings. We are doing this to reduce confusion and to help people who are facing any problems that they may need help with. We hope our followers will remain followers on both sites. We have been playing with ideas for My Bipolar Mind and we have come up with a few things that we hope you will enjoy.

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Feeling Blah But Accomplished

Even though I was feeling blah I was still able to get a lot accomplished today.