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Don’t Try This At Home

Makeup Fail

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We’re Always Here To Help

At My Bipolar Mind We’re Always Here To Help!

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The Benefits Of Group Therapy

For people who have never attended group therapy, it can sometimes sound a bit scary. But there any many benefits!

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Reoccurring Dreams

Have you ever had a reoccurring dream? Reoccurring dreams are dreams that are about the same exact thing or very…

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Depression In The Winter

If you live in an area of the world that has an ice cold winter, you may notice you go…

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What Is Mental Illness?

For the first post for Knowledge Building Thursday, I’ll start with the basics and as weeks go on, we will…

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New Ways To Get Help

Everyday things are changing. There are so many more options to get help in today’s world than there used to…

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Journaling To Manage Emotions

Sometimes trying to manage your emotions can seem almost impossible.

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Work vs. Life Balancing Tips

Balancing a number of roles can be difficult, whether those roles are being a parent, partner, friend, employee, student, sibling, child…