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  • Is Normality Real For People with a Mental Disorder?

    So how the topic of this blog came about was partly due to one of my trigger words is “normal”. Another was from a conversation between Samantha and me on how we thought it would make a good blog topic so here I go attempting it. Continue Reading….

  • The Best Way To Gain Happiness: Nicole C’s Perspective

    In my bipolar roller coast of a mind, I find it hard to hold on to happiness that lingers. So I sat down did the work and came up with 10 things I can do that I have proven to make my life happier. By keeping a positive attitude as much as I can, it helps to create happy memories to get me through some very dark sad days. I can look back over my life remembering good and bad. Here are 10 steps I take to remind myself and continue to build on my own personal happiness:

  • Tips on How to Find Out What Your Triggers Are

    Tips on How to Find Out What Your Triggers Are I created the Blog posts, “What Are Triggers” & “Common Triggers & How to Cope,” so why not keep it going with today’s topic, “Tips on How to Find out… Read More ›