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Samantha is the author of "My Bipolar Mind: You're not alone," she is also a freelance writer, blogger, and mental health advocate who runs and manages her own mental health blog

  • I’m Okay Right Now…

    I’m okay right now. But who’s to say how I will feel by later on tonight, or even within the next hour. But I am okay right now, and that is all that matters to me. I have been preoccupied and so consumed with being in this bipolar low that I haven’t really had a moment where I have felt okay. I am trying to enjoy it while I can. I feel like I have a moment of clarity inside of my chaotic mind for some reason. Or maybe I am just having a bit of mania breakthrough the dark clouds which are a welcomed change to feeling so low all the time.

  • | Lost In Thought |

    Journaling helps but sort through a lot in my head. But when that’s not enough, I sometimes tend to turn to blogging. Creating a post for my personal blog section sometimes helps get things out in a similar way of journaling but, to me, it sometimes feels like it does so much more. So here is what’s been bogging me down internally:

  • *Trigger Warning* A Poem | Self-Harm

    *Trigger Warning* | These feelings bubble to the surface again | And I can’t help but to feel | Like my razor is my only friend…

  • Behind This Smile…

    Behind this smile, I find that I am slowly losing myself again. Is it depression? Is it anger? I have no idea. I have gotten so good at hiding behind a broken smile that no one else can see me slipping away again. Some moments I am fine. Then others, I am not. I have been rapid cycling because I never know when my bipolar disorder is going to betray me again. I never know when it’s going to crash me all the way down to the bottom instead of partially.

  • A Poem | I Don’t Feel Like Functioning Today

    I don’t feel like functioning today | So I’ll ignore all my calls | Until they fade away to my voicemail | Which I’ll never even bother to check anyway…

  • My 32nd Birthday

    My birthday has come and gone. It was on Saturday, August 4th, and I turned 32 years old. #BirthdayDrama

  • A Poem | Her Pain

    Her depression is swallowing her whole

  • 5 One Minute Meditations For Mindfulness

    Today, I have some amazing one-minute meditations for you to try. They are even great for beginners and are so simple that anyone could try these! These will help relax your mind and body. It can also be very beneficial for stress and anxiety reduction.

  • A Poem | Under The Knife

    But what if I give my life to go under the knife?

  • How To Do The Gratitude ABC’s

    Gratitude ABC’s can work wonders for a variety of situations including anxiety or panic attacks, urges to use drugs or alcohol, anxiety-inducing situations, feeling low, or even as a distraction method. It is simple to do and requires only your mind and ability to think.

  • How New Recovery Survivors Can Make Ends Meet Until Landing a Job

    Addiction is linked to debt — sometimes even poverty — which can create a serious toll on the recovery survivor and, in some cases, their family. The main reason behind this unfortunate connection is that it’s likely fiscal responsibilities were put to the wayside in order to feed one’s addictive behavior. Not only does this lead to a loss of money, but a loss of relationships and jobs, too. If you’re a new recovery survivor in this position

  • A Poem | When Insomnia Says Hi

    Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash When Insomnia Says Hi A Poem | Samantha Steiner Insomnia tries to say hi As I am screaming goodbye But she keeps popping into my head Reminding me of everything I’ve ever said Every stutter and stammer… Read More ›

  • Guest Poem | We’ll Try Tomorrow

    But my blanket is too wrinkled

    And something dark is beneath my bed,

    I’m supposed to be getting dressed now

    At least that’s what mommy said.

  • A Poem | 11 Months Sober

    I never thought I could last this long

    Without alcohol fueling me from inside

    But today I am 11 months sober

    And I’m feeling so much more alive

  • A Poem | Forgetting The Present

    Photo by Nathaniel Flowers on Unsplash Forgetting The Present A Poem | Samantha Steiner Remembering the past But forgetting the present I would love to reflect and reminisce on today But today seems so far away Yesterday’s memories have already begun to fade… Read More ›

  • 7 Warning Signs Bipolar Depression May Be Heading Your Way

    Most people who have been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder typically don’t mind the upswings – the hypomania and mania. It’s the downswings – the bipolar depression – that can really get under a person’s skin.

  • Engage Your Children in Hobbies They Will Learn and Love

    Why Hobbies Are Important For Children.

  • Late Night Thoughts | July 21st |2:30 AM

    Its been an absolutely crazy week. I’ve been in the ER for my boyfriend a few times and once for myself as well. I have been having some major back pain again that even Kratom isn’t touching it. Either that, or I am not taking enough or not using the right strain for pain. I have been using white when I think red is for pain. Only problem is, red always puts me to sleep which I cannot do during the day.

  • I Hope I Helped Save Her Life

    I had gotten a message on Facebook from a young neighbor that used to live across the hall from me last night. She is only 18-years-old and she was in a lot of distress. She was telling me how horrible living was for her, and that she was planning on killing herself.

  • Writing Balance Fail

    Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash Writing Balance Fail I want to apologize for not being able to blog often right now. I have tons of great ideas for upcoming articles, but now I have been trying to catch up on my writing… Read More ›