March & April Special: Get PDF Copies of The My Bipolar Mind Books for ONLY $5

For the rest of March and all of April, since April will mark one year since the release of My Bipolar Mind: Surviving the Chaos, I want to offer people a more affordable way to read my books for the one year anniversary of my second book and it’s only $5!.

Below you will see a PayPal form where you can safely and securely purchase either or both books. Once you make a payment, send an email to and tell me which book(s) you would like and I will email you a PDF copy of the book that you can add on to your computer, smartphone, or tablet to read at your leisure. It’s a simple process for those who are interested.


My Bipolar Mind: A Memoir & My Bipolar Mind: Surviving the Chaos

Purchase either book in the My Bipolar Mind series in PDF format (Which will be emailed to you) for only $5 per book during the months of March & April 2021.


Thank you all for your continued love and support!


[Note: If you are a blogger who posts book reviews on your blog, you can email me and request a FREE copy of either book – or both if you plan to review both on your blog – and I can email you a promotional PDF copy at no cost to you. Amazon and Goodreads reviews are also highly appreciated if you receive a FREE copy of the books.]

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