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Its been a crazy few months ya’ll…

Image by Brian Merrill from Pixabay

Its been a while since I posted anything and well lets just be honest, I could be doing a lot better with keeping up on stuff I know I need to do but life has been getting in the way of a lot of things lately. But within the last few months we found out that my husband needs to have surgery to repair the 2 hernia’s he has so he can get back to work. He hasn’t worked in almost a month and he wont be able to return to work for 6 weeks after surgery which is scheduled for 3-12-21 so hopefully his recovery will go well and he will be back to working as soon as possible because lets be honest even in a good relationship its hard being around your partner for months 24/7.

Its been rough without him working due to bills stacking up as well as if he was working till before his surgery he wouldn’t of qualified for state medical insurance which is needed for the surgery because who has $10,000 just laying around, I don’t know anyone who has that much money laying around. Thankfully, we got our taxes back and were able to get caught up on some bills as well as purchase some items that were necessary.

Now all I can do is pray that everything will be okay and know that soon everything will be back to normal and we wont be living on the struggle bus for much longer only a few more months of this. I’m just hoping that when life goes back to normal for us he will stay healthy for a while and be able to do a few trips that have been postponed temporarily and we can see family again.

Thankfully we live will awesome roommates who have told us not to worry about paying our household bills right now till he is back to work even tho we both feel bad as we are living here not paying anything but we help clean and take care of their animals while they are both at work. Plus we bring food into the house.

I just wish I could get my pure romance business up off the ground but I just don’t have the client base I need to make this worth while but it would be super helpful right now as that would be the only income we have right now. So if anyone is interested in helping me out i will put my link down below for my website.

My website link is:

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I have survived alot of stuff but I am a warrior. I have bpd. I'm an admin for Sam's group. And I started my own small business.

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