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Guest Post by Ryan Rosen: Jobs You Can Start Today While Recovering From Yesterday’s Challenges

The past year was really tough for all of us, and some people experienced bigger challenges than others. Lost income, health issues and social strife are just a few of the issues that you might have faced head-on. Regardless of where you’re coming from, moving forward can be tricky. Thankfully, if you need a sideline to help you get back on your feet, there are lots of options available.

The Gig Economy

The benefit of “side gigs” is that they allow you freedom. You can pick which ones make sense for you, and fit the work around your schedule. Plus, there are a huge number from which to choose.

What are your skills? Do you speak multiple languages? You could work as a freelance translator or with a company that works with overseas clients. Pet sitting and dog walking are excellent choices for those who are experienced with animals and have transportation. Many of these choices can pay above minimum wage and be less stressful than other part-time positions. Keeping your stress low is essential during recovery, since as The Institute for Functional Medicine explains, it’s linked with several chronic health concerns.

Get Crafty

If you are good with your hands, or are especially creative, crafting is one way to earn an additional income from the comfort of your home. However, you need to think about how you’re going to list your items because it can be hard to gain momentum at first.

Research which keywords work best and list items repeatedly to get them seen often on whatever platform you choose such as eBay or Etsy. Create social media accounts to promote your shops across a multitude of platforms and get your merchandise moving.

You should also think beyond scented candles and fragrant soaps. There are plenty of crafts you can sell, from woven baskets to coasters to custom clothes. Look for a niche you can fill and start from there.

Use Your Experience

Do you have an area of expertise? Are you an accomplished musician, or did you excel in a certain subject in school? Try teaching or tutoring. You can try applying to work with a company online, or even freelance and advertise your services yourself. This sort of income allows you lots of flexibility, especially if you are tutoring or teaching online.

Often, you can make over $20 an hour tutoring with a company, and even more when doing it privately. For example, if you know how to play guitar, you can start immediately. It really is as easy as that. You need patience and compassion to be the best teacher possible. By being encouraging you not only keep your students coming back, but get them to recommend you to others.

Work Online

What is easier or more convenient than working from home? If you need to travel, your work goes with you. There are many avenues for you to take as well. If you’re good at sales, you can work with a company to do sales or customer service online. There are data entry positions that require no previous experience. You could become an editor or even manage test scoring with no or little background in a given subject. It may take some initial scouting to find a path that pays well, but even small jobs can add up to keep you afloat.

Start Smart

There is a world of possibilities in the gig economy, but one truth holds no matter what path you choose: taxes! You’ll need to pay taxes on your income, and if you’re starting a new business venture it’s important to begin properly. That includes selecting a business structure and registering with your state.

Fortunately, it’s easier than it sounds thanks to online services. You can even register for an LLC in just a couple of hours, which provides you with tax advantages and limited liability protection. And with that out of the way, you can tackle other good practices, like creating a budget and business plan. Your professionalism will pay off in the long run!

There are a variety of work options you can choose, many of which allow you the freedom to make your schedule and enable you to rebuild healthy habits. Think about what works best for your life and your experience and start there to create a bright future.

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About the Author:

Ryan Rosen has over six years of sobriety under his belt, and his goal now is to be an inspiration to others. He regularly shares his story and wellness practices at treatment centers, sobriety retreats, and other recovery events in his region. With, he hopes to spread the word to many more.

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