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Pregnancy and Birth During the Pandemic

It’s been a while since my last post and there was a crazy and unexpected turn of events. When I wrote my last post, I would never have imagined I would be giving birth during a pandemic. I was so happy and excited to meet my little guy, but that quickly turned to fear. I was scared to give birth and bring a baby into the world during a time like this.

Luckily, I started couponing again weeks before my due date to stock up on baby supplies and household items. During the last few weeks of my pregnancy, it was nearly impossible to find diapers, wipes and as you all know, toilet paper! I’m so thankful I stocked up on these items before this happened.

My baby shower did not turn out as planned, since we were all in fear of being around people. My boyfriend still planned the most beautiful baby shower I’ve ever had. We didn’t have as many people as planned, but I was still thankful for the people who were able to make it. I was able to have an amazing day, during an otherwise scary time.

The week after my baby shower things got worse. It was horrifying being nine months pregnant and going to a grocery packed full of people rushing to get items. What was even scarier, was seeing all of the empty shelves and not being able to get the types of food I needed while having gestational diabetes. That’s when it hit me, like wow this is really happening.

Each week became worse, which only amplified my fear. Before going to doctor appointments, they would call and screen me for covid-19. They had me wait outside until the waiting room was clear. Luckily, my boyfriend was still able to accompany me, as long as his screening was good, which it was. Each doctor appointment became more strict and then I was told there’s a possibility that I would be giving birth alone, without my boyfriend. I cried just thinking about it.

My sugars started to become too high and they thought the baby would get too big, so they decided to induce labor. I went home, packed my bags and prepared myself. I was happy to know that they didn’t change the policy yet and my boyfriend was able to come with me. I broke down crying right before I left because of being terrified of my baby getting sick from the virus. My boyfriend and I showed up to the hospital and they screened us at the front door and took our temperatures.

We walked up to labor and delivery with our n95 masks on. They got me ready after I was checked in and they gave me a breakdown of all of the new rules. I was told I had to wear a mask anytime someone came in my room and I would also have to wear a mask while giving birth; I was not happy about that. I understand the situation, but to make women give birth with a mask on is harsh. Everyone else had masks on, I felt they should have at least let me take it off while pushing. You need to be able to breath and take deep breaths while giving birth! My boyfriend was told he was not allowed to leave and if he did he couldn’t come back. We were fine with that, except for the fact that he needed to eat too.

After 14 hours of labor, it was finally time. I was right and it was difficult giving birth with a mask on. It was taking me long to push him out and he was crowning. My last push, I let out a yell and pulled my mask off for a second to get one good deep breath. After a good breath of fresh air I was able to push him out. The first time our baby was able to see us, we had masks on. None of that seemed to matter to me anymore once I had my beautiful little boy in my arms.

We were told, as long as were both doing good we would be discharged within 24 hours. They didn’t want people in the hospital long with everything going on. That didn’t happen for us and we ended up being there for four days. My little guy kept failing his hearing test and we had a choice to leave and go to a specialist or stay and retest. We chose to stay, which ended up being a good decision. Once the amniotic fluid drained from his ear canal he passed the test!

The whole stay was like nothing I’ve ever experienced. Everyone coming into the room with masks and us having to wear masks all of the time, it seemed unnatural. Now that we’re home, it’s still so different. Family and friends can’t come to meet him, but I made sure to send everyone pictures. It’s an odd time to have a baby during all of this, but it’s still a blessing. One things for sure, his birth with always be one to remember.

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