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The Countdown

So as you may know if you read my last article, I’m having a baby! This will be baby number 5. Since my last article, I found out it’s another baby boy. I was hoping for a girl since I have 3 boys already, but I’m happy either way.

I was so busy during the holidays. We celebrate big time in my household, so we were very busy for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas then New Year’s. It always gets hectic since we have a very big family and they all come to my house to celebrate, but I enjoy every minute of it. Samantha and her boyfriend always come over to spend time with us around the holidays too, but they are also my family.

Now that I got through all the holidays it’s time to start preparing for the little one. I still haven’t really bought anything yet since I had to do a lot of shopping for Christmas. Now I need to start getting diapers, bottles and all that fun stuff. Samantha is going to help me with a baby shower and I’m so excited about it.

We are so excited for the little one, especially my youngest son Silas who is six years old. He can’t wait to be a big brother. I have less than 90 days, so the countdown is on until the baby is here. Lots to do before his arrival, but I’m confident I’ll be ready as long as he doesn’t decide to make an early appearance. My due date is April 5th and I’m really hoping he’s not born before April. His dad and I both have April birthdays so I’m hoping he’s going to be an April baby too.

I’ll write another article before the baby is born most likely right after the baby shower. Then, of course, I’ll write another one once he’s born to share all of his pictures. Wish me luck!

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