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New Addition to the Family

So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted once again, but hey that’s what I’m known for. Time really seems to fly by for me. Always working, taking care of the kids, cooking, cleaning, it never ends. Since I last posted, I quit my job working in a group home as a supervisor. I came to the realization it took up way more of my life than it should have.

I was getting paid salary, so it’s not like I was even getting paid any overtime to get off of work late all of the time. When I was home, I was always on the phone taking work phone calls and I had to be on call every 6 weeks. It was too stressful and after another loss I decided to call it quits.

It was a rough couple of months while I was looking for work. Job offers were there, but I wasn’t just looking for just any job. I was making sure it was something that would make me happy and a job that had about the same pay as my last job. Plus I didn’t want to work weekends or holidays. I got picky and it was starting to seem like I was never going to find a job that had all of the things I wanted.

One of the first few jobs that I applied for was to be a pharmacy biller. I took their online test and got a call right away. I didn’t hear from them for a few more weeks so I figured I wouldn’t be getting that job. In the meantime, I still applied to a bunch of other jobs and had a bunch of interviews. Just when I started to take work that I didn’t really want to do, the pharmacy billing position company called me to see if I still wanted the job. I asked them why it took so long and apparently they had to do a big hiring in a different department so they put the billing position on hold.

I went in for an interview a few days later and they called me back the next morning to tell me I got the job. I was with Samantha and we were out for a walk. When I got off the phone hugged her yelling, “I got the job.!” Some guy was standing on his porch and yelled, “Congratulations!” I just had to wait for my back ground check to clear, I took my drug test and I was good to go two weeks later. I’ve been there for almost two months now and I love it!

The next exciting thing that happened was I decided to expand my family some more. I’m pregnant once again and I’m due in April. I really wanted to have a girl, since I have one girl and four boys, but it’s another boy. I’m just glad he’s healthy and apparently a happy active little guy. He’s actually bouncing around as I write this. My youngest son, who’s six, was so happy that it’s going to be a boy. He’s so excited to be a big brother and I can’t wait to meet the little guy.

My boyfriend and I were so excited about having a little girl, we didn’t even pick out any boy names. Now we have been trying to figure out a boys name that’s unique that we both like. It seems impossible! If you know of any feel free to comment! I’ll be sure to post some more before I give birth since I know I’ll have my hands full once the little guy is born.

Here’s my daughter and I, with my pregnant belly.

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