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Yesterday Was F-ing Insane

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Yesterday Was F-ing Insane

Jaz & I

There is no real way for me to perfectly explain how f-ing insane last night was for me, my bestie, Jazmine, my Goddaughter, Ally, and my boyfriend, Mike.

For starters, Mike fell when he playing with my best friends puppy, Akita, and landed flat on his face and he broke his nose. He had to reset it himself, and omg… so much blood. It made us girls kind of queasy. We all felt so bad because we knew that it had to hurt like all hell. But he didn’t want to go to the hospital.

Shortly after that, the four of us started driving around looking for this one park that Jazmine knew about. We decided that we didn’t want to be adults for the night and wanted to go swing on some swings. Well, we couldn’t find the park and ended up driving around for like 45 minutes. Somehow, we ended up in front of one of the main hospitals in the area and there were firetrucks and cop everywhere. It was absolutely ridiculous.

Shortly after that, we were heading to a different park and there was a 3-4 car accident that just happened. Us three adults got out and went to check on everyone. Once we knew everyone was okay and that other people were staying as witnesses we left. After some time, we finally arrived at a park and went on the swings for a little while.

My Sprained Finger

By this time, it was dark outside. We didn’t care and still swang for a bit. After a while, we went over to where they had sliding boards and, of course, with how our night had been going, I tripped and fell into the sliding board hut kind of thing really hard on my left arm. But at least I managed to stay standing.

Then when we went back to the swings before getting ready to leave, I was in mid-air and my swing seat snapped in half and I grabbed onto the chains as if my life depended on it. I managed to get my fingers pinched in the chains, but at least I was still standing. It is now swollen and hurts like all hell. I am pretty sure I sprained that finger, but I have others that really hurt on my other hand too – making typing painful.

After that, we decided enough was enough and went home. So that was my action packed night! It was still fun regardless of the injuries and I was able to brighten my best friends day so that is all that truly matters!

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