Why Am I Still Awake? Insomnia!


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It is now just after 7am. I am feeling terribly indecisive regarding just about everything except that I give up trying to sleep — that much I am sure of. As of right now, I am blogging via the WordPress app on my Galaxy. (As always, please forgive any spelling and grammar errors as well as any typos! Thanks!) And I am trying out the block editor on the app instead of the usual “Classic editor,” so I honestly have no idea how this post will look once I hit “Publish Now.” I have been debating on just going back to my laptop to finish up, but at the same time I really don’t feel like getting up from under the covers. Plus, my tailbone area hurts pretty bad since I spent well over 12 hours sitting at my desk with less than a 5 hour break in between.

I have about 5 hours left before I have to leave for PT. I just want to cancel my appointment so bad but if I do that I’ll just be adding time to how long I have to go in order to get my insurance to cover a new MRI of my spine. I’m hoping the insurance approves it well before my 6th week of aqua therapy. I’m extremely curious to find out if there have been any changes to my spine since my last MRI which was about 3 years ago. Plus, I would love to know if my degenerative disk disease progressed further and what that lump is that randomly appears on my tailbone.

It is just a nuisance that I have to jump through hoops in order to recieve imaging of my back. I’ve done the whole physical therapy thing several times before and its never helped in the past. I’m just wasting my time now.

Well, I better find something else to do before I go off on a wilde tangent and my phone keeps freezing.


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