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The Best Way To Gain Happiness: Nicole C’s Perspective

The Best Way To Gain Happiness: Nicole C’s Perspective

By Nicole C.

In my bipolar roller coast of a mind, I find it hard to hold on to happiness that lingers. So I sat down did the work and came up with 10 things I can do that I have proven to make my life happier.  By keeping a positive attitude as much as I can, it helps to create happy memories to get me through some very dark sad days. I can look back over my life remembering good and bad. Here are 10 steps I take to remind myself and continue to build on my own personal happiness:

  1. Seek out unconditional love: Unconditional love for myself, then unconditional love from family, friends, humanity and so on.
  2.  Establish moral and values: A lot of this was raised in me; I did finally tune my moral compass. Along with learning what is right and wrong with my 10 core values: unconditional love for me, accountability for my actions, empathy, compassion, sympathy, integrity, diligence, perseverance, discipline and, last but not least, unconditional love for others
  3. Acknowledge my strength and weaknesses: evaluate my strengths and weaknesses for what they are, realize limits of my abilities, do what I can for myself then, do what I can for others and then ask for help when needed. Asking if someone needs help is always appreciated. Just like receiving help is always appreciated and never seen a weakness!
  4. See it, Do it, Be it: Set realistic goals for myself, work on making them, then take pride for obtaining that goal. I have always worked at obtaining my dreams. I was doing a life bucket list before that movie made it a cool to do before you die. I am still making them, living them, and then making more…
  5. I Find passion in life:  I live my life with passion, I have loved in the big stone circle, I have l swam in the ocean, I danced the lead on stage, I fly through the skies, travel up the hill and come down a mountain, created memories, jewelry, art, life wherever I go/went, all so I can write about my memories and experiences and keep living all with passion. How can that not make someone happy?
  6. Be purposeful, not purposeless:   I found for me having a purpose builds self-esteem. I work to put out positive actions. Hoping it is taken as such in order to cause a positive reaction to building on to the other person’s self-esteem. Giving me a feeling of having a purpose in life… this act I feel is my way of giving a purpose to someone who might be feeling like they do not have one at that moment, you never know what is going on in someone’s life. I find some way to treat others the way I want to be treated. I like hearing “nice boots!” “Here let me hold that door for you!” “The person ahead of you paid for that already! Oh really well here this money can go for the people behind me then!” or to hear, “do you need a hand?” or “thank you for getting the door for me!” That makes me feel happy to pay it forward, build good Karma. As I see it no act is too little or too big and always appreciated.
  7. Follow my soul, listen to my heart, feel with my head: my soul is me, so I know what it needs. My mind thinks and makes my body feel and live, sometimes I have to watch what it thinks and how it makes me feel and act. My heart keeps it all going with a nice beat so I believe in whatever that higher power is to keep me going hopefully on to live many more lives and so on.
  8. Take responsibility for me: My personal fulfillment is up to me I cannot look outside myself for unconditional love until I give it to myself, I have to realize I will do things wrong and try to make amends for it, not letting it be a regret I will use to hurt myself with later. 
  9. Accept change: even though I love my life’s routine, nothing stays the same. Some things come up that I have no control of and I have to adjust. Sometimes I accept it gracefully, sometimes not so gracefully. Just remember when I am going for that “drama Queen” award I am accepting it with my heart and soul.
  10. Count my  blessings:  I center myself  and think of all the blessing I have in my life I have nothing but unconditional love and appreciation for everyone.

This is how I feel Happiness in my life. Hope you find something that works best for you – peace and love.

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