Dual Diagnosis— Bipolar & Recovery From Substance Abuse (Reblogged)

This is a wonderful post about dual diagnoses for the lovely Jodanneabella over at Confessions of a Bipolar Diva. It is very informative and insightful. Please check it out.

Confessions of a Bipoar Diva

Co-occurring substance abuse and mental illness is more complicated than either condition alone—but treatment is readily available, and recovery is absolutely possible.

A “dual diagnosis” means having two disorders diagnosed at the same time. It could be any two diagnoses, but typically it refers to the co-occurrence of a mental illness along with a substance abuse problem.

Sometimes people with bipolar disorder may usealcoholor drugs to help cover up or masksymptoms: For racing thoughts due to mania, an alcoholic drink may slow things down. For intense sadness or hopelessness because ofdepression, a drug may help one feel happy or hopeful for a period of time. This “self-medication” mayappearto help, but after the temporary effects of the alcohol or drugs wear off, one’s symptoms are often worse than ever.

Why is alcohol abuse so prevalent in people with bp?

Alcoholis among the…

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