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A Poem | The Real Flavors of Life

The Real Flavors of Life

A Poem by Kristine Colley

 I can taste the alcohol before I even take a sip
Taunting like a bully from school
I can taste the fine line of whiteness
Just the thought of having inhaling it feels so exhilarating
I can see the bruises from falling or bumping into things
Too much alcohol, one more sip
I feel numb
One more hit and it'll disappear
Wanting to ease the pain
Wanting to feel loved in some sort of way
I can sense stares
I can sense judgement
I can taste happiness
With laughter and positivity
I can taste the Sober Life
For here I am
I can taste recovery
Another triumph gone unnoticed
I can taste the real flavors of life
I am no longer distracted

About the Author:

Kristine Colley was born in Stockton, California and raised in Rock Hill, SC. She currently resides in Rock Hill with her fiancĂ© and two daughters. These are her true inspiration. Kristine began writing at an early age as a hobby and it quickly turned into a passion. She writes as an outlet of her emotions and her day to day life. Kristine lives with Bipolar Disorder and Depression and enjoys writing to help others dealing with those struggles.  Her goal is to become an advocate for others who are struggling with these battles. Her hope is that when reading her work it brings as much peace and tranquility to the readers as it did for her while writing.

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I am 27 years of age. I was diagnosed with Bipolar 1 and severe depression in the year of 2018. I deal with this struggle on a daily basis. Writing for me is an outlook that helps me explore my thoughts and my feelings. I want to be able to inspire others like myself that way they don't feel as alone.

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