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Hopelessly Bipolar

Hopelessly Bipolar

My Manic Madness only lasted about three days, but that doesn’t necessarily make it any less painful. At first, I loved the manic episode I was in. I had the typical euphoric feelings commonly associated with bipolar mania. However, after the first day, it started to turn into pure agitation. I even contacted the Mental Health Clinic I go to during this episode, but they wouldn’t see me any earlier than the scheduled appointment I had on Thursday. 

My appointment yesterday was pointless and left me feeling more agitated than I was during my episode just a few days prior. I reached out for help, which is hard enough, just to be left feeling rejected. I have to see the PA (Physician’s Assistant) in between the appointments with my regular psychiatrist, and that is who I had the appointment with yesterday. I have butted heads with this woman for years now. At one point, I had even said that I didn’t want to see her anymore but I was told that she is the only one I can see in between appointments; leaving with me with no choice. 

I told the PA why I stopped the Lamictal, which she was fine with. I told her that the medication itself had seemed to be working well and asked if there was anything similar that I could try.

She told me that she doesn’t see the point in prescribing me anything new because nothing is going to work for me, anyway.

I was stunned almost like a deer caught in headlights for a moment. I feel like she just gave up on me at that point. Then she proceeded to lower some of the other meds that I am on. Reducing my meds has done nothing but made me feel worse in the past. Against my better judgment, I even asked if I could just get back on Lamictal again then. Of course, she said no to that, which I can understand.

I feel like I was just told that there was no hope left me. Why would a mental health practitioner say something like that? Aren’t they supposed to at least try to help you instead of saying that there is no point anymore? Her words have me feeling mentally fucked up right now – still. I just want to stop taking all of my meds at this point. I no longer see a point in taking them if there is no hope left. I guess I am just Hopelessly Bipolar. 

I feel like this is the end of the line for me. I will never be able to feel better than this. It is a very depressing thought, or maybe more like a realization. What’s the point of doing anything now? I spent a good part of the afternoon with the waterworks on full blast after my appointment. It seems like this PA will only listen to my mom. That’s the only time things ever seem to get done. It is so frustrating. I asked my mom if she could attend my appointment with me next month when I have to see Carolyn again. Thankfully, she said that she would.  

If doctor’s don’t give up on patients who have been diagnosed with diabetes, chronic pain, or heart disease, why would they choose to give up on someone with a mental illness?  It is ridiculous and it makes no sense to me! Does the fact that they can’t physically see what’s hurting on me, make me less of a person? Does the fact that it’s “inside my head” make it not worth trying to save me too? This is bull shit.

I’ve been bouncing in between sadness and anger since yesterday. I may not verbalize how frustrated I honestly am to those around me, but I sure as hell can feel it inside. Part of me feels like I am overreacting while the other part of me feels like my emotions are justified. What do you guys think?

Until Next Time,

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Samantha is the author of "My Bipolar Mind: You're not alone," she is also a freelance writer, blogger, and mental health advocate who runs and manages her own mental health blog

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  1. Samantha ~ That was a ridiculous, unkind, copout remark from an unprofessional, incompetent person who didn’t know what to do and somehow felt like saying the first idiodmtic thing that came into their head would be appropriate. I have had bipolar 1 disorder for 42 years and been treated by a number of professionals in hospitals and as an outpatient. I have not been easy to medicate. I have many allergies and can’t take lithium, yet no one has ever said anything nearly that stupid to me. I’m glad you are not going to see her alone next time. Is their any possibility of you being able to get a new professional, a real one to manage your care? One thing I have learned in all these years is we must be our own best advocate! I hope you can.

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    • Hi Libby, thanks so much for your comment. It is greatly appreciated. I was able to talk to my actual psychiatrist and she said that I shouldn’t have to see that PA anymore UNLESS it’s an emergency. So for three months in a row, I am scheduled to my own psychiatrist. She decided to start me on Tegretol but I gotta wait about a week to actually start it. ❤


  2. I think it’s unprofessional and appalling that she would say that to you. If she believes that is true then she’s not qualified not be working at a mental health clinic.


  3. OMG, this is such a horrendous situation, Sam. I’m so sorry…first off, the PA sounds totally incompetent. You’re not overreacting one bit. I’m glad your mom will go with you to the next appointment!

    I’m shocked at how you were treated and I hope you’re feeling a little better tonight. You’re not hopeless!!!!!
    You’re a successful, prolific author, a furmommy, and much more than that.
    Take care & hang in there. 💖💖💖💖 Dy


    • Thank you so much for your kind words, as always. I’ve tried so hard to get someone else to see my in between appointments and it turned out to be just another watse of time.

      I am so glad that you don’t think I was overeacting. I honestly was not sure. I am hoping that my next month with my mom with we can get things accomplished. I am so ready to just give up all meds. Logically, I know this could be a bad idea. I guess I’ll see how everything goes by next month.

      Thank you, again! 💗💗💗

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