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It Feels Like Fall, And I Love It

It Feels Like Fall, And I Love It

Right now, it is 53° outside, and I am loving every second of it. Fall is my favorite time of year! I also happen to love Halloween, even if I don’t get to go Trick-or-Treating anymore. I am so tempted to buy a Halloween costume, one with a mask, and try to go collect some free candy this year! Haha! I am only 5’4″ so I may be able to pull it off and say that I am a tall middle schooler! It just may work… Lol.

It also happens to be hoodie weather, which I absolutely adore. To be honest, I hate summer. Minus the fact that I am an August baby so that it is like the only reason I look forward to summertime. I love just being able to throw on a Hoodie and some jeans or sweatpants. I tried wearing a hoodie yesterday during the daytime, but it was just too warm still. However, last night was like the perfect weather too because it dropped to somewhere in the 40’s. As much as I would love to be closer to my dad, I just would not be able to bear the heat. That is just not my cup of tea!

I am so excited for tonight, I am going with my friend Candace to this thing called the Halls of Horror in Palmerton. You have to sign a waiver I heard that if something happens to you, they are not at fault. It just worries me a bit because of my heart rate issues. I warned my friend about these issues and said that if I have to lay down because it’s happening again, that I have no choice. I feel like a major killjoy at times because this whole situation leaves me feeling paranoid and anxious. But hey, what can I do?

I am just going to try to forget about my woes for now, and just enjoy myself tonight. Candace is picking me up in about an hour to drive the 30 or so minutes to get there from my house. She’s an amazing friend. I don’t always keep in touch with her, so I am thrilled that she still takes the time to invite me out and calls to check in every now and again. So, Candace, if you read this – thank you, my dear friend. 

I am also ecstatic because I should be receiving edits for my book either this weekend some time or by Monday. I feel like I am always bugging my editor, and she says it’s okay, but I am just so excited about the whole aspect of getting a book published! I feel so blessed. 

Well, I better get my ass in gear and get ready to go! Thanks for reading!

Until Next Time…

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Samantha is the author of "My Bipolar Mind: You're not alone," she is also a freelance writer, blogger, and mental health advocate who runs and manages her own mental health blog

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  1. I love the fall & Halloween and wearing hoodies too – I’m wearing a beautiful new one right one, and I hope you had a ***great**** time at the Halls of Horror. Most importantly that you felt 100% well there & that you didn’t need to lay down- and that’s incredibly exciting about the book edits!!!!

    Keep us posted on all of it! 💓💓💓💓💓💓

    p.s. I love the image you chose with the leaves – it’s beautiful!

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    • I had such an amazing time! I will either blog about it or send you one of the pics I was able to take. My heart rate actually lowered to 65 lol. The one character actually tickled me until I screamed!! It was so fun!!

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