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World Mental Health Day: From The Mother Of A Bipolar Child/Adult

World Mental Health Day: From The Mother Of A Bipolar Child/Adult

It is mental health awareness day and I was asked to write about this from the parent’s point of view. I have a daughter with Bipolar 1. I’ve been dealing with this for over 20 plus years, and I’ve had to deal with this has a single parent whose child’s father was in and out of her life depending on whatever partner he was with at the time and if they allowed him in her life so most of the time he was not in her life.

It is very hard on yourself and your child’s life living with this illness. We as parents are riding on their roller coaster ride in their life with all the ups and downs. And I was unsure if I should write about this because of the can of worms this could open up so please don’t read this the wrong way it’s just what I personally have gone through and my feelings and thoughts, parents will understand this a little more. As a parent, I have always wanted better for my child in her life then I have had. You do your best for your child and hope, pray, and with a lot of blood and sweat and a lot of tears that they get that but as parents life with a bipolar child, our life isn’t easy we go through all the ups and downs of their life always wondering, did I do enough, what else, were or when is this ride of emotions going to get a break and is this treatment going to help them. Most nights we go to bed wondering and praying that our child is going to be okay and that you will not get a call – you know that call that parents never want to receive! Some nights i even cried myself to sleep wondering what would be next. It is very hard on us emotionally and physically and our well-being, there are a lot of days you are not sure of what is coming or going and are grateful for the good days. You see your child going through life with different people and the emotional and sometimes physical abuse that they go through trying to help out but most of the time getting the I hate you, you don’t understand what they want, you never help me, you’re not there for me, you don’t support me days. But every now and then you do get the thank you, I love you and then I’m sorry and those are the best, but in the back of your mind we get a little relief, but always hoping the shoe doesn’t fall. Hopefully, you as parents have someone to talk to you through your life to help you, being a doctor or friends or some kind of support group. Or for some of you your parents ( I didn’t have my parent for this) to help you and just be there for you because you will need this! You do need the time for yourself to distress because let’s face it, this life is very stressful. If you don’t you may not be there for them, it takes a toll on us as well, mentally and physically. We do love our child and hope and pray they already know this! Best of luck and prayers for you and other parents! And I hope this helps someone.

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Samantha is the author of "My Bipolar Mind: You're not alone," she is also a freelance writer, blogger, and mental health advocate who runs and manages her own mental health blog

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