*Trigger Warning* A Poem | Self-Harm



A Poem | Samantha Steiner

These feelings bubble to the surface once again

And I can’t help but to feel

Like my razor is my only friend

Inside I’m hurting more than words can explain

So I put the razor to my arm

And breathe deep

As I let the blade dig in

I let it numb me

And then I do it again

I don’t want to feel

This anger and sadness

That resides in me

So I press harder

And go at it again

But I’m never satisfied

Because the urge to go deeper

Gets stuck inside my head

I retrace this thin line

Over and over again

I watch as the blood rises and spills

A sense of satisfaction finally creeps in

As I watch the blood slide down my wrist

And now it’s all over my clothes

How long will it be

Before I feel I have to self-harm again?



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