A Poem | When Insomnia Says Hi

Poetry-when-insomnia-says-hi-unsplashPhoto by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

When Insomnia Says Hi

A Poem | Samantha Steiner

Insomnia tries to say hi

As I am screaming goodbye

But she keeps popping into my head

Reminding me of everything I’ve ever said

Every stutter and stammer

As I mixed up my words

She tries to bring back conversations

That I’ve tried to bury deep in the dirt

It looks like I’m awake now

As she keeps jabbering in my ear

Yet another sleepless night

As I lay awake in bed

She said she wants to be friends

I’ve welcomed Insomnia a few times

Now she never seems to go away

She plays with my bipolar mind

Even through all of my nighttime meds



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