Book giveaway! – Happy Guide

Want to win a free book regarding happiness? I do too, so I am reposting this on My Bipolar Mind for others to earn their chance of winning this same book from An Anonymous Escape from Life. Good luck! I hope it’s worth it!

An anonymous escape from life

I was recently given a copy of the Happy Guide by Michael Kinnaird to review. THREE readers will also have the chance to win a copy of this book! (see details below)

Happy Guide

I’m very much a person who tends to judge books by their covers, and this book wouldn’t have been my first pick. However, since reading it I can say that it certainly packs a punch! While being a short read (took me approximately 1 hour), it’s so simple on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and get the best out of life. This has been something I’ve been struggling with for a while, and some sections definitely hit home.

The book is divided into small sections, which go through maintaining healthy habits and breaking bad ones, the reasons for unhappiness, diet guides and lifestyles suggestions, exercising, better sleeping, organisation and living in the moment.

Perhaps one analogy that…

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