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Trying To Quit: 5 Days Smoke Free



Trying To Quit: 5 Days Smoke-Free

I mentioned in a previous post that I wanted to try to quit smoking, and I have! While it’s still hard, it is not as bad as I imagined it would be. I had this big catastrophic scenario going on in my head. I thought I was going to feel like I want to die and that it was going to be the worst feeling in the world. If you are reading this, you most likely know how us Bipolar women think – like every negative thing is the end of the world!

It was not as bad as I anticipated, at all! I definitely have some cravings where I want to gnaw my arm off, but that is about as bad as it gets. I mean, the worst part of it is the agitation that comes with cravings. But my cravings only seem to last for like 5 minutes at a shot. I just pop some gum into my mouth and go about my day.

I haven’t even taken one puff of a cig. My quit date was 5/18/18. So far, so good! I have to keep telling myself that “I got this” because I do have this! I am stronger than I thought. My apartment is now smoke-free.


I must say, I am actually quite proud of myself. I have really been making some lifestyle changes that will ultimately make me a healthier woman! I got tired of my life being the way it was, and I knew that I would never be happy if I didn’t make some changes – like everyone, including my bestie, had been telling me.

I have a lot more exciting news to talk about. Well, exciting for me because it is a massive life-altering decision I have made. I just have to make sure that everything is okay with my medical insurance before I discuss it any further than I already have in previous posts. So stay tuned!

Thanks for reading!

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