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Echo, Holter & Hiking


Echo & Holter

Today, I went for my echocardiogram and to get my 48-hour Holter monitor put on. (Pictured above ⇑).It went well enough. I am hoping to find out the results of my echo on Friday (even though they told me my results would at least be read tonight) at my PCP appointment. (In case someone doesn’t know what PCP means, it stands for Primary Care Physician, or in other words a family doctor.) 

I have to wear the Holter monitor until Friday afternoon, and they told me it would just turn off by itself. Then I just place it in a bag and return it to the Diagnostic Care Center, where I had it put in place, anytime by 7 pm.  I can’t lie, I am extremely anxious and nervous and cannot wait to get my results! I am going to have to wait even longer for my Holter results. I am hoping I can make another PCP appointment early next week for my results on that so I am not driving myself crazy waiting to see if anything is wrong.

5.6.18 (61)

 Hiking On Sunday & Wednesday 


I went hiking with the bestie (Jazmine) and her daughter (also my Goddaughter) Ally on Sunday 5/6/18. I had so much fun and it was just us three girls. Even though my heart rate kept skyrocketing up above 150, I never even once complained that my chest was killing me and I only mentioned my heart rate once. We were having such a good time and we were out there for a few hours. I don’t think we actually made it out of there until close – to or even after – 3:30 pm. I don’t even remember what time we left to go there in the first place, either. We had originally only planned on going for a walk but ended up hiking instead. But I am glad we made the last minute decision. It made me feel good to be able to spend time with my two favorite girls while still burning calories.

I am sure they were waiting for me to complain since I am the “fat” one… that’s why I didn’t even mention it when my chest was hurting. Then again, ever since my heart rate jumped up to 186 last week my chest has been hurting. It’s like a constant thing now. I didn’t ask for a break or to slow it down, either. Although, we did stop every so often to take pictures. I will post a few of them below in a slideshow for anyone interested in checking them out.

We took one of the trails at the Allentown Reservoir. Well, we started on one trail and then veered off onto another and another and ended up coming out somewhere else (not by my choice lol). The girls wanted to explore and kept taking other trails. Even though we were lost toward the end, we were still able to make it out thankfully lol.

Now, if we would have been somewhere that we are unfamiliar with, we most likely would have been trapped in the woods and having to call my boyfriend (Mike) to locate us and save us lol. I kept asking Jazmine if she ever saw those horror movies where the group strays from their path and ends up getting killed by a psycho and when she said yeah, I was just like, “Oh, good, so you know we aren’t supposed to veer off… So, now, if we die today, just know it’s all your fault!” It’s not like I could have left them there when it was 2-1 on going on a different path… Jazmine had the keys lol. Just kidding. I wouldn’t have split us up… the person who leaves the group always winds up dead first in horror movies lol.

When we got back to my house, Mike had ordered us some pizza and then we started looking up all these different places for us to go and hike and check out this summer. The one place is all the way in Tennessee. Who knows… maybe we can actually go there! It’s about an 11-hour drive, though. We have so many plans, and I am hoping that we can do them!

Wednesday (Today)

Today after my appointment and Mike and I ate dinner, the two of us went hiking together. I took him to the same place that I went with Jazmine and Ally on Sunday. It was really nice, and kind of romantic actually. (But don’t tell him I said it was romantic or he may never want to hike alone with me again haha.) He was very sweet and held my hand when it was possible. He made sure to help me down and up steep hills. It was so sweet. I am glad we chose to go today. 💑👫🖤

Thanks for reading!

Until Next Time…


Pics From Hiking

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