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I have been having some horrible nightmares lately. Last night was the first night in about a week that I don’t recall having one. The only difference, as far as I can tell, was that last night I didn’t eat within three hours or more before going to bed. And I am doing the same thing tonight to see if maybe that is what is causing them.

I even posted on Facebook looking for tips on getting rid of nightmares. I got some really good tips. I am going to try avoiding food, especially anything sugary, before sleeping, creating a dream journal, and looking up what certain things mean. If all that fails, I am going to try cleansing my house with sage–which was another suggestion from multiple people.

The reason these dreams are bothering me so much is that it wakes me up every hour or two. Then, it will take me a little while to feel comfortable enough to try to go back to sleep. Usually, I will end up having yet another nightmare or it will continue where I left off. I have been losing a lot of sleep because of it, and for me when I don’t get much sleep I am usually very cranky the following day.

This isn’t one of my horrible nightmares totally, but it was still creepy. Thursday morning, I dreamt that I was getting chased and attacked by something, then my God kids father saved me and I was getting teary-eyed because he had passed away (in real life). I started telling him how much my best friend and her kids miss him but he cut me off and told me that Jazmine needed me. Sure enough, when I woke up shortly afterward I had a text message from her saying that she needed something. It was eerie and was like Wade was reaching out to me from beyond the grave. I guess he’s still watching out for her.


My worst dream, as of recently, involved me getting shot in the neck after walking right into a shootout while trying to look for pills in my purse. I kept asking the woman who shot me to press down and stop the bleeding, but she wouldn’t so I was trying to do it myself. I felt the whole process of dying, and this was my first dream ever that I actually died in, and the nothingness of leaving this earth. Then in the dream, I woke up on a gurney in an old shack and could only see red. I was brought back to life by these hellhounds for a mission, and it gets weary from there. In this same dream, I was with my family but I was a disappointment to them and also a horrible junkie and they were happier thinking I was dead.

That dream just felt so real that when I woke up, I was confused for a moment. I think it would probably make one good movie or at least an amazing book.

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  1. This sounds so awful! Just a thought though, I found a YouTube video of a bi polar girl who has super violent dreams when she’s going into her mania – maybe it’s that? I hope things get better ❤️

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