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Creating A Blog To Help Manage Emotions


Creating A Blog To Help Manage Emotions

You may be wondering how creating a blog and managing emotions has anything to do with each other. But let me tell you from experience, that it can actually be very therapeutic.

I will admit that when I first created this site, my intentions were just to post topics and not my own personal experiences. One day, I got the urge to tell part of my story and I didn’t feel like just journaling so I created my first personal post (Hi..My Name is Samantha and I have a Dual Diagnosis!) and introduced myself to the world. There was something exhilarating about it and I just started posting more and more personal stuff about my own experiences with mental illness and addiction.

I started getting some really nice and supportive comments from people just like me who were dealing with some of the same things that I was. I didn’t feel so alone anymore. It opened up a new world for me until it became a coping mechanism for me.

Sometimes we just want to know and feel like we aren’t alone in our illness. Unless you have your own blog, you won’t be able to understand just how good it feels when you get comments from people who can relate to you, who are supportive, and from people who are proud of you when you overcome an obstacle or challenge. It’s an interactive form of journaling that offers you an extra form of support.

You can share as much or as little as you would like.

Not everyone is comfortable when it comes to opening up about their own personal journey, experiences, and struggles. And that’s okay. There is a setting you can use to make the post private or password protected (at least with using WordPress you can) so that only you and the people you choose can see what you are posting. You can set your posts as private until you feel comfortable enough to share bits and pieces about yourself. Even when you set a post to private, you can always go into the settings and change it later on so that it becomes public if you were to ever decide to share it instead.

Sometimes the stuff you post about yourself that is personal to you, it can actually help others out as well. You may not even realize that you made a difference in someone else’s life. The first time someone admits to you that you have helped them by what you post, you start to feel amazing. You start to feel good about yourself which, in turn, helps raise your self-esteem and that also helps to elevate your mood as well.

Creating a blog can really help you manage your emotions because you are getting out your feelings in a healthy manner. You can vent, talk about your day, ask for advice, interact, ask if anyone has ever felt this was before. Leaving our feelings locked inside of us can lead to some pretty unhealthy and negative things. When we just stuff everything down without getting it out, everything that we have been feeling and that has been running through our minds will eventually boil over until we can’t take it anymore and we explode.

Everyone has their boiling point and reacts to this explosion in different ways. Some of us take it out on the people around us which can cause conflicts and complications in our relationships. Others become self-destructive and do things like intentionally hurting themselves, turning to drugs and alcohol to cope, become so depressed or unstable that they need to be hospitalized in a behavioral health unit for intensive treatment. The possibilities can be endless, but none of them turn out good.

Blogging is just one way to get everything off your chest and out of your head.

If you are interested in blogging as a way to manage your emotions, you can CLICK HERE or you can click on the WordPress picture below that say “Get Started.”

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Samantha is the author of "My Bipolar Mind: You're not alone," she is also a freelance writer, blogger, and mental health advocate who runs and manages her own mental health blog

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