Is It Still Self Harm If I Didn’t Want To Harm Myself?

Amy is a very inspirational young woman, and I want you to read her story. I am so proud of this girl, she has come so far. She teaches us to never be mad at ourselves! ♥♥


Amy Belle

I broke my record of five months- and I forgive myself. Normally after self harming I would feel bloody and dirty- ashamed. But this time I am not mad at myself for doing it again. It’s like any under lying addiction- like quitting cigarettes you do so well but have one last drag just to wonder what it would feel like. And to be honest, it felt pointless and gave me no relief. I felt I done it to gain back some control, it was always my safety net and what I always resorted to. I can always control my self harm, self harm will never leave me…. it will always be there when I need it. But I felt awful afterwards, there was no orgasmic relief, I stopped half way through and asked myself why am I doing this? I’ve come so far, I don’t need to do this…

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  1. Yes. You harmed yourself. Perhaps impulsivity levels need to be assessed. Wishing you the best!


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