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Fantastic Friday: It’s Been A Productive Week


have had a fantastic week. I am looking forward to this weekend to get caught up and mass producing some blog posts! While I still have had some minor downs (Gotta love #Bipolar disorder) and some major periods of procrastination, it has genuinely been a very productive week for me! 

I was able to submit my first article for, which I am very excited about and cannot wait for it to be published. This is my one shot to continue to write for this site. If they like it, I can stay. If not, it’s back to the drawing board! I have submitted a few articles for BabyGaga for as well. I have also been able to write a few blog posts.

Plus, on top of all that, I started reworking a book I wrote when I was about 18 or 19-years-old. I was going to trash it, but then I had another writer and author look at what I have written so far, and she said she likes it and wants to read more! Then, I am also compiling a book of my poems. I am ecstatic and pray that I can actually finish those two things sometime before 2019.

I just feel really good about everything that I am doing right now. It makes me happy. 

I hope that everyone has a good weekend. Feel free to comment on what makes you happy, or if you have any weekend plans.


Thanks for reading!



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Samantha is the author of "My Bipolar Mind: You're not alone," she is also a freelance writer, blogger, and mental health advocate who runs and manages her own mental health blog

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  1. It’s good to have goals and push your passions, it gives someone a sense of purpose has happiness in life. Keep up the hard work Samantha !

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      • You sounds like you have a gift for writing. It’s amazing how someone can put there thoughts into words. My coping mechanism is having goals and hope for the future. X

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        • I still doubt my writing, but I I enjoy it! Goals are a good thing to have! I have more short term goals than long term because I am not sure what I want from my future other than to be writing, maintain my relationship, and stay sober! I have a mini notebook filled with short term goals or to do’s and I enjoy checking them off when they are done. It kind of makes me feel good knowing that I tackled something even if it was small.

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