“7 Months Sober”

7 Months Sober”

 Poem By: Samantha Steiner


I never thought I would be able to survive without alcohol

I thought I needed it to socialize

To have fun

And even to be myself

Now I am almost seven months sober

I never imaged that I would have been able to make it this long

Without tasting that sweet burn on my tongue

I am relearning basic life skills

That I used to rely on a bottle for

Every time I felt nervous I’d say

“One more shot!”

But life is starting to get better

Than I ever could have envisioned

One day at a time

No more hangovers

No more alcohol-induced blackouts

No more damage control

Learning to live sober can be rough

But I know that I will be fine in due time






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  1. Reblogged this on When Women Inspire and commented:
    Samantha over a My Bipolar Mind writes about a range of health and addiction topics. She speaks from experience, as shown in this post that celebrates her achievement of 7 months sober. I’m cheering her on and hope you do too. It’s not an easy journey but she’s making sobriety a reality day after day. So proud of her ♥

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