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Cherish The Good Days While They Are Here



The last seven days have been a bit of a blur for me. I feel like my work is never done. I think the only thing I really did for myself this week was that I spent an afternoon with Jazmine getting our hair done (Click this to read about it – Yesterday Was Fantastic: Girls Day With The Bestie) – minus going out to eat one too many times that is. But food is mandatory, right? 🙂

I feel like I am all over the place though. All in all, it’s been a pretty good week! :-). Although, it was probably 50 percent productiveness and 50 perfect procrastination.

I will work for a little, then decide that something is super important right at that minute and that I have to do it right then and there before I forget. Or that I have to get it done before I can get back to writing. I also get distracted entirely too easy – even with my ADHD meds. My “office” area is a complete mess right now!


I have spent the past week writing articles, editing, trying to create blog posts, doing endless outlines, researching, trying to come up with new topics, directing others on what to do and how to do it. Plus, I even applied for yet another writing obligation/job. I already have like 3. I think I am going to have to give something up… I keep taking on more and more work. It gets a little hectic – and confusing.


The new place I decided to apply for asked me for a sample, which I sent in, then when they got back to me they said that they are going to give me a trial period of one article. That was a bit odd, but okay. After that one article, if they feel I am a good fit they are going to keep me on. Which is great, right? But it’s another minimum of two articles I am going to have to take on in a week. BabyGaga’s absolute minimum is two a week as well, but I want to try to produce at least four.


It seems like everytime my bipolar disorder kicks into gear I get an additional job lol. Yikes! I have notes all over the place. I need some MAJOR organization tips to help me keep up with, now, all four places. So, if anyone who reads this has ANY tips for me – please, please, please comment below!!! 

I am still trying to maintain somewhat of a normal life. My socialization and communication with other’s – who aren’t writers – is pretty bad this past week. Maybe that’s every week for me, though! I haven’t really been keeping up with my sponsor either. (I know, not good!).


My moods have been pretty good this past week! Yay me! 🙂 I have been trying to look at things in a more positive light and try to joke around a lot more. I am almost all the way off of my lithium, and I feel better than ever – right now at least. I know it can flip-flop at the drop of a dime, so I am trying my hardest to enjoy it while I can.

I think anyone who deals with any type of mental/emotional disorder has to try to cherish the good days while they are here, so they can try to remember them when the bad days – that seem neverending – start to appear. ♥ I am still trying to remember that for myself. It’s definitely not always the easiest thing to do when you start to feel that familiar crash coming on, but it takes practice, patience, and time. I will keep trying to hold onto the good times.

So, I know I don’t have many follows that like to leave comments… but, if you are feeling brave… leave a comment below about how your last 7 days have been? Have you had any challenges arise, or have things been going pretty smooth? I would leave to hear from you! 🙂

Thanks for reading about my week! I hope to see some comments below!




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Samantha is the author of "My Bipolar Mind: You're not alone," she is also a freelance writer, blogger, and mental health advocate who runs and manages her own mental health blog

6 thoughts on “Cherish The Good Days While They Are Here Leave a comment

    • Thank you so much much! I hope they keep me on too! The new place I applied for, I was surprised they didn’t look at my BabyGaga articles since I wrote 137 (and counting) for them when it’s through the same main company. Thanks for leaving a comment!

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    • That’s great! I am so happy to hear that! 😀 It’s hard to be positive sometimes, but the more you try to use it during the good times, the easier it is to get through the bad times! Thank you so much for sharing about your week! And thanks for reading!! 🙂

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