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Yesterday Was Fantastic: Girls Day With The Bestie


My New Highlights

I had an enjoyable day yesterday even though I barely slept. I think I may have gotten under two hours of sleep. I got to spend half the day with my bestie – Jazmine. We had a girls day pampering ourselves and grabbed some Starbucks and got our hair done. We got our hair cut and highlighted by a very amazingly talented hairstylist named Miriam. Her Instagram account is creationby_miriam!


Jazmine also got an extra treatment put in her hair and which is supposed to make it look like those old Herbal Essence commercials for up to two weeks. If it continues to look fabulous we will most likely get a Brazilian Blowout together sometime in the near future. I am excited to try it. If we do get that, both of us are definitely going back to Miriam. I think I found my new hairstylist!


I haven’t had had my hair professionally done (other than a haircut) since my early to mid 20’s. It felt nice and helped to boost my confidence a bit, however, the confidence didn’t kick in until after we left. I mean, I loved the color but I let the stylist try curls on me and I became so self-conscious because it was a different style that I wasn’t used to, and I made myself believe that my face looked fatter than it really was with them in my hair. However, it would have looked absolutely FABULOUS on anyone else but me.


Plus, while I was there, my anxiety was kicking in hard-core since there was like four other women in that tiny room. Sadly, I had let the thought swim through my head that I was the ugliest woman in the room. Not that any of the other women looked bad, it was just my own thoughts about myself. (Which I very well could have been) I definitely knew 100 percent that I was the fattest one in there! (Body Dysmorphia)


Regardless of my mind playing tricks on me, I absolutely LOVE  my new look. When I got home, I did ruin the curls by straightening them out a bit. As far as Jazmine – she looks phenomenal! Absolutely gorgeous and she looks so much younger! I hope she doesn’t mind but I decided to add a picture of her! She needs to show off that beautiful new look!

I was talking to Miriam about adding some different colors in my hair (like purple) and in a month or so I am 100 percent positive that I am going to get that done as long as finances are right. Then every so often, I am going to switch up the colors. Maybe try some blue, pink, red, etc… I think this is going to be really fun to try new things. Well, somethings at least lol. (See above for my curls meltdown. Once, I lose weight I would love to try it again!)

20180221_012500Sometimes it only takes the smallest thing to make you feel a little bit better about yourself. For women, pampering definitely helps! Things, like getting your nails done, getting a pedicure, and getting your hair done really, can make a difference. Jazmine and I are always getting out nails done together. One time she’ll treat me and then I will treat her.

The picture on the right shows the style that we got last time we went. Sometimes we will both get the same thing done. The only difference is, she likes her nails long while I like my nails short because it is way easier for me to type. I am not the kind of girl that can function with along nails… anymore.

We always go to the same place – Bellissima Nail Salon in the Whitehall Mall in Whitehall, Pa. They do amazing work. I got Jazmine hooked on going there too. They always remember us and they are very friendly and talented women. I used to go there with my mom as well when we were on good terms. They also do all their designs by hand. I have yet to have a nail break from there and I am one of those girls who is tough on acrylic nails.

Overall, I had a great day! Thanks for reading!




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