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The Mask (A Reblogged Poem)

We reblogged this from another site: Beneath The Surface Poetry. It is beautiful and I would like to give all the credit to that blogger. She has beautiful poetry so please check them out.




Beneath the Surface


The fictitious smile
The cheerful laughter
The pleasant greetings.
Are all deceived you see.
My calm quiteness, hides all that I compose from my woes.
How are you doing today?
I ask not that I really care.
Ploting against on the inside.
I act nice as someone who you think is nice.
I didn’t even try to say that nicely.
My mask must be slipping.
Or cracking.
I may not be able to keep this facade up for much longer.
I am the devil in white.
Or so I was once told.
By a wise man up north.
“You are the devil, real as can be.
Cheer up honey, it’s sunny show them teeth.
Be nice as you can be, so no-one can see. Be all you can be by this if not…
Just flee.”
Who knew I would fall in love with the first devil?
His words still echo…

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