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My Family

My Family

I keep going back in my mind
And trying to undo time
Somethings you just can’t forget
The people who are supposed to love you unconditionally
Don’t want you
And now there’s only a few people left
I’m surprised someone could love someone
As damaged as myself
My own family only seems to love me conditionally
They broke my heart
And then acted like everything was all my fault
They stranded me in the back
Then turned away
And let me fall flat on my face
I keep replaying that last day
And think about the shit I can no longerchange
I’m starting to fully blame myself
While everyone else is telling me that I’m not the one
Who should be ashamed
After 31 long years
And all the bull shit we’ve been through
I never themed my bank on any of you
But you’ve done this same exact thing to me twice
Once should’ve been more than enough
I just want this pain to fade away
But right now I don’t feel like anything
Will ever change



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