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What Do Dreams Really Mean?

I had a dream about a big new house. It had many rooms and we all went outside. We had a huge pool that connects to the ocean. It was night time and we were all talking by the pool. All of a sudden two Dolphins came and were dancing happily in front of us. It was night time. Ally and I walked to a gas station down the road.Another part I was walking down a hallway. I was carrying a plastic box that had a small snake in it. There were several snakes in the hallway on the floor but I was not afraid of them.

Another part of the dream was that my Grammy passed away. She was living in her old house on Lehigh st. The landlady let us keep her apartment the way it was. Dom and I snuck inside at night and took Grammys cat because I missed her and it was all that I had to remind me of her. David got upset that we took the cat and made us take her back. I was so sad.

Dreams can be so weird sometimes and they can feel so real. They may not always make sense, but it makes you wonder if they have some meaning to it.

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  1. I think that all dreams have some kind of meaning to them but most of the time it is hard to decipher what they really mean. I have a few dream books you should check it out tomorrow. Some people also that dreams are your minds way to problem solve.


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